Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter Pic, in Bra and Panties, she took down after Half Day

And just like that, Serena Williams’ sex(y) new Twitter avatar is gone. Gone after maybe half a day, with the old picture of her in a tennis outfit back up. Someone must have gotten to her and suggested something about common sense and hypocrisy.

Last week, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking Williams, having gotten too close to her, too many times all over the country, even in her dressing room at Home Shopping Network. On Thursday, she has posted a new avatar on her Twitter page, a photo suggestive of us peeping at her through a lace curtain while she unknowingly looks the other way in white bra and panties.

It’s a sexy photo, she looks great and it’s not pornographic. To be honest, I would actually find it to be somewhat artistic if it weren’t for the serious business of stalking women. What was her message anyway? What was she trying to say? Just this: Look at me.

Instead, what she was saying was this: Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.


Williams has masterfully branded herself, now as a celebrity tennis player and not a tennis playing celebrity. The brand is to sell sex now, with tennis as an afterthought, if that. And the way she does it is to walk right up to the line and push it a little, take half a step over it. Give her credit: No tennis player can get people talking the way she can.

(If she’s still a tennis player).

Women’s tennis has been selling sex for decades. And this avatar — even just the talk of it –and all of Williams’ other sex(y) photos and videos lately will draw more TV viewers to women’s tennis than Francesca Schiavone emotionally kissing the red clay at Roland Garros. With women’s tennis a little boring now, sex is selling the sport more than the game is selling itself.

Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as gritty as Serena’s. First, she did the video game commercial in thigh highs and black leotard. Next, the bright pink body suit on the practice court. And now this.

I’m guessing Erin Andrews might be uncomfortable with the Twitter avatar, having had a stalker peep at her in her hotel room through the peephole. This view of Serena might not be too far off of what he saw of Andrews.

Whatever, Williams is so much bigger than women’s tennis now that she can hijack the game just by producing occasional photos of herself like this. By the way, in secondary Serena news, she also pulled out of the French Open Thursday, as she continues to recover from blood clots found on her lung. So the focus will go to the other players, such as No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki.

Hah! The focus will be wherever Serena says. With that power, and over two million Twitter followers, does come some responsibility. Fortunately, someone figured that out, even if it was a little too late.

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I can talk tennis all day long, and often do. And yet some of the people I talk to about it might rather I talk about something else. Or with someone else. That’s how it is with tennis, right? Sort of an addiction. Sort of a high. I am a national columnist at and a FoxSports1 TV insider, and have been a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times. In 2010, I was the only American sports writer to cover the full two weeks of all four majors, and also to cover each of the U.S. Masters series events. I’ve seen a lot of tennis, talked with a lot of players, coaches, agents. I watched from a few rows behind the line judge as Serena rolled her foot onto the baseline for the footfault, a good call, at the 2009 U.S. Open. I sat forever watching a John Isner marathon, leaving for Wimbledon village to watch an England World Cup soccer game at a pub and then returning for hours of Isner, sitting a few feet from his wrecked coach. I got to see Novak Djokovic and Robin Soderling joke around on a practice court on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon, placing a small wager on a tiebreaker. Djokovic won, and Soderling pulled a bill out of his wallet, crumpled it into his fist and threw it at Djokovic, who unwadded it, kissed it, and told me, “My work is done here.’’ And when Rafael Nadal won the French Open in 2010, I finished my column, walked back out onto the court, and filled an empty tic tac container with the red clay. I’m looking at it right now. Well, I don’t always see the game the same way others do. I can be hard on tennis, particularly on the characters in suits running it. Tennis has no less scandal and dirt than any other game. Yet somehow, it seems to be covered up, usually from an incredible web of conflicts of interest. I promise to always tell the truth as I see it. Of course, I would appreciate it if you’d let me know when I’m wrong. I love sports arguments and hope to be in a few of them with you here. Personal info: One-handed backhand, serve-and-volleyer. View all posts by gregcouch

730 responses to “Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter Pic, in Bra and Panties, she took down after Half Day

  • Chas

    Do you feel like you might be blaming the victim here? Are there any studies to back your sentiment that revealing photos produce stalkers?

    • Anthony

      Come on it a bra and panties!!!!! Give me a beak is this all we have to do is complain about nothing. DAMN PEOPLE GROW UP!!!

      • Ghetospydr

        We see more from Victoria Secret models….Just because shes a sports star, is she not a woman FIRST??

        Im with ANTHONY…..GROW UP!!

      • BONER JOE


      • millrose11

        Thank you Victoria Secrets does thing everyday. Its just because she’s a black female. Everytime a black female does something sexy they try to find something wrong with it. If it was Erin Andrews it would have been ok like all those provactive moves she did on dancing with the stars. She had a stalker too, but no people just thought she had courage to get out there and dance. Put the damn pic back up Serena its a stunning and beautiful picture.

      • JustSaying

        Some people did question Erin Andrews and her being on Dancing with the Stars and wearing sexy costumes right after her Stalker incident. Notably Elizabeth Hassleback.

        So we can see what kind of company Greg (the writer) keeps.

      • Bama Girl

        I’m with you Anthony, these people need to grow up. This is the only country that would have a problem with bra and panties. The reason why is because they are hater. Get out there and work out and you may look like that.


        you are wright, man people will complane about the least thing, what about the victora secreat girls

      • john

        She looks great! She has the body! I say throw up a couple more!

      • charles

        I don’t see what all the complaining is about what can you see a beautiful lady standing in heels and bra and panties behind a curtain. Like the man said PEOPLE GROW THE F_ _ _ UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sanate

        My question is who was the lucky person who took the pic. Va Va Va VOOM!!! Hater Nation will live FOREVERRRR!!!! You looking GREAT Ma. Live label free realease ur Mind. Peace Out

      • JMP

        That’s right, GROW UP!!!

      • retiredsailor

        Get real people, there a lot more skin your wives and daughters are showing on the beach and still considered tasteful.

      • Tammy

        She is a beautiful woman. The pics are breathtaking. She should have kept them up. She is a role model of a a beautiful, strong woman!!!

    • sothe

      some people are so stupid its just like have a bikini on . whats the difference ???? some bikini es are g strings????? shallow mind people woman advertise underwear on television ,,, and in sale ads all the time what shes doing isnt as bad as some of those ads

      • brett lane linder

        maaaannnnn that women is the truth leave her alone and let her do her thing…….good luck on everything…..brett lane

    • sojess

      she has a very big butt

    • GP

      Definitely a bit of blame the victim here. It is disturbing how ingrained that is in our society.

    • Rachel

      oh, thank you, i rushed down to the comments to say that and you’d beaten me to it! Like a woman is asking to be stalked because of pictures.

    • james

      she works hard and it shows in her body and i see more skin on tv it just piss off the lazy ones who whan and dont have a body like her be proud and put it back up i like it

    • skeeter

      all this over a fatass

      • lydia

        her body is disgusting and should be covered up when in public. Nobody wants to see your cellulite and stretch marks jiggle. If they do, then keep it in the bedroom where it belongs.

      • kIM kARDSASIAN


      • cheryl

        That’s a lot of muscle. To much for you:)

      • DaMan

        Skeeter must be a white boy….what you meant to say was too much ass for you to handle. Leave it for the big boys. You can have Christie Brinklie or some thin no booty having chick. Go Serena we like’em thick

    • Larry

      Leave the classy lady alone…..damn, she looks good. As hard as she works to maintain the look, not to mention the skill set. She has carte blanche to dress and show what she wants. Just one request Serena from us guys,…. Next time leave the Bra and Panties behind….knowwhattamean. L

    • lydia

      they’re not complaining that she has on a bra and panties.. they’re complaining that she just had a man arrested and charged for stalking her due to her outfits being so revealing and now she does this. That’s like being upset that your car has been stolen and then leaving it unlocked in a sketchy neighborhood with expensive items visible inside.

      • Straightup

        Eat your heart out and stop hating on the woman. You know you wish you could do the same……admit it!

      • Big I

        Come on now!!! Seriously? It is what she says it is. She is stunning but that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to follow her around and stalk her!!

      • Nicole

        uhm, shut up you hateful bitch! Its her God given right to live her life however she wants without idiots like you and her stalker and the writer thinking they have a right to police her. go jump off a cliff!

      • Michael

        Lydias said:

        “they’re complaining that she just had a man arrested and charged for stalking her due to her outfits being so revealing and now she does this”

        He stalked her due to her outfits being so revealing? Grow a brain. he stalked her because he’s mentally unbalanced.

        This is kind of like someone’s car being stolen, then some people saying you shouldn’t own any nice cars at all.

        Seriously, grow a brain, Lydia.

      • Alezzandria1

        DID the stalker SAY he stalked her because she wears skimpy outfits? Or, did he stalk because he’s turned on by her skimpy outfits? ALL women tennis players wear skimpy outfits, Lydia.

      • Wendy

        Lydia — Stalkers do not stalk women because they dress in less than you personally approve of. Stalkers do what they do because they are not mentally healthy. For someone to become a stalker, it means that they have something deeply wrong with them. It is not the fault of the person they stalk. The person they are stalking is a victim, and what you are doing here is called victim blaming.

        I was stalked for over a year by a stranger who saw me at the library and began to follow me around. I was not wearing a “revealing outfit”, I was not doing anything to draw attention to myself. I am not an attractive woman. But he stalked me for over a year regardless of all that. I did not bring it on myself, as you claim Ms. Williams did with her stalker. She did not bring it on herself. She is simply living her life, and some creep asshole somewhere decided he was entitled to more of her than anyone else, so he stalked her. That’s what stalking is. It’s not a normal healthy response to seeing a beautiful woman. It is a sign of severe mental illness.

      • RICK

        Lydia,…. you’re a “moronic a$$hole”…!!!! So [ you’re ] saying that EACH of the Vicroria Secrets’ girls are to blame if some dickhead stalker decides to menace them??? You see much more than what Serena is showing!!! I think she looks FABULOUS….. and 10 to 1…… “you’re” a DOG !!!

      • chuckaz

        Is that the same as a rapist taking your goody cause he finds what you’re wearing sexy?

    • Kellie

      I think this is a beautiful, artistic shot. Shame on anyone for thinking it’s too risque!

    • james

      Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me?

      Men who suggests any action from a women as a ok to stalk grope rape. Needs to get help.

      Gregcouch you give men a bad name

    • cgg

      gregcouch is gay.

    • Carol

      EXACTLY! I despise the Williams sisters, especially Serena. I think they are trashy ho’s. I do think this photo is unacceptable for a public forum considering she has fans who are children. But no one “asks” to be stalked.
      Calling her a hypocrite over this is no better than people who think it shouldn’t be called rape when it invovles a husband and wife.

      • nonofyour bizness

        You are mad because you are fat and ugly. Dont hate bi**h, get a life! Lol! Don’t hate her because she is everything you wanna be.

      • greg m

        seriously carol?!?!? DESPISE the wiliiams sisters?!?!? trashy HO’S?!?!? that’s a bit strong don’t you think?…what do you base all this acrimony on?

      • odessa

        I thank the pictures are BEAUTIFUL they show the softer female side of her.

      • Wendy

        How are the Williams sisters “trashy hos”? Do they have sex with people for money? That is what a “ho” is, honey. The Williams sisters play tennis for money. I can’t recall the last time I saw a pack of prostitutes out in the street hitting yellow balls with rackets.

      • william

        I am amazed at people. what have the williams sisters done to you? these ladies are classy, they have thier own business and they are following thier dreams, oh and they do help other people and countries. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY? have you ever heard of freedom of expression people? and if you don’t like something simply walk away and don’t look. GET A LIFE…..

      • peter

        R u serious? How can u hate or despise 2females dat made history in tennis. U knw wat hate urself! Then hate sum1 else!

      • RICK

        Well you’re [ right ] re: RAPE… but you’re probably a “trashy closet ho” yourself… as well as being a fu&king RACIST !!! They’ve done [ more ] for the sport of tennis in the last decade than Maria, Anna, and the rest put together!!! BUT, BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK….. YOU CALL THEM TRASHY HO’S…. “SO” THERE’S [ ONLY ] A COUPLE OF REASONS FOR THAT !!! (1.) YOU’RE A CUNT; (2.) YOU’RE A RACIST; (3.) YOU’RE JUST A SAD “UGLY” NO TALENTED B!TCH !! WHICH ONE IS IT???? [ OR ] IS IT THE “CLASSIC COMBO” ???
        A CUNT, DOG AND A B!TCH ???!!!

    • BUB69

      Several of the respondance, i.e. JAMESNEVERDONE, are so uneducated as to make the basis if their opinions very speculative.

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    • russellmccollin

      You writers for sports and other media have a double standard that appears racist. When white stars, sports figures have “issues ” your story slants always draw us to be sympathetic towards their drug, stealing/theft, porno-craze,coke snorting- lawbreaking. common and Serena get blasted over stupid-petty news reporting that slants towrads these black stars as being almost ‘criminal” stop it. Peolpe readand see clearly your double standard in newsreporting Your not fooling no one and we will stop serviving or purchasing or products. we got enough of that crap against our countiers 1st black president.

    • Bill

      Serena looks like a man, in my opinion. I don’t know why anyone would even want to peep at her.

      • RICK


    • G_Unit

      If you don’t like Serena’s fine ass you are racist. All you haters need to pay for your discusting racism.

      • fox

        G_Unit, you are an absolute MORON. Comments like that are the real cause of your “struggles”. Man-up, get a job, quit making excuses, and quit playing the RACE CARD. Too many black people scream racism whenever someone disagrees with them….the term is losing its impact to be honest. Who gives a flying F$ck if someone likes looking at Serena fat ass. To each his own.

      • TB

        Unfortunately fox, race is prevalent as it as ever has been. These stories and certainly alot public comment certainly prove that. It is a shame that the forums have evolved for some to show their racism. The only good that come from these forums are, I used them to show to my children who think that racism does exist.

    • morgan

      This picture is DOPE! Stop reading into it, and enjoy its beauty.

      • RICK


    • Divatchr

      I agree with Chas. I didn’t see anything wrong with the picture. It sounds as if the writer is biased. Stalkers stalk-they don’t really have a rational, valid reason…

    • cotton

      if it were pamela andeerson no one would say shit

    • C.K.

      Blame the victim? Dude she is hot. I think that it is artsy. That comes from a healthy mind. But Stalkers DO NOT think rational. We ALL have social responsibility in order to prevent harm to ourselves. If you don’t believe me then go to L.A. and walk down Crenshaw while throwing up gang signs. Yeah you have every right to do so…..before you end up dead.

    • james

      Its not about this is america and she can do what she wants. Its about she’s

      a world tennis star, a “role mode” for our young people. Is that what her parents

      taught her, because she has been blessed with a talent she should be totally

      irresponsible and send the message to young impressionable girls; if its yours,
      you have a ”right” to flaunt it; forget about Responsibility; that doesnt represent

      the ”America” we are talking about, i forgot.

  • Mike

    Your argument is similar to that of saying if a woman dresses provocatively, that she deserves to be raped…it’s absurd. She has all the right in the world to post a picture of herself in whatever attire she wants. Doing so, doesn’t give anyone else the right to stalk her.

  • DJ

    I have to agree with the comment above, this is a terrible article and argument and it is the equivalent of saying a girl who dresses provocatively is asking to be raped, its a very misogynistic attitude and you should maybe look at your own biases before you judge. The picture is not that bad, you are just looking for reasons to criticize someone you clearly don’t like.

  • Serena Williams

    Obviously, greg is a misogynist idiot.

    • Darien Walls

      I’m a big fan and live in d.c. I have had a picture of you and your sister on my wall for years. Post however you want baby. I love that juicy chocolate ass. By the way I will be having a reality show for the homeless in D.C. very soon. Maybe you can work with me. God bless Venus and Serena. Praise God.

    • Brenton

      You are beautiful simply just lovely

    • CALVIN

      like the 2 men saide she a women and she as her right to wear what she wont and no one out there can say what right and what wrong

    • Ray Ray

      you are beautiful! beautiful!

    • cheryl

      I agree with that! I think he swings the other way…

    • RICK

      RIK TEE

  • LVReader702

    Oh, look. You got a nibble. I clicked the link. The article pulled me in. Good job!

    People can’t fart, smoke, drink, cry, dance and in this case; dress in any manner without someone taking a side of the road, in support or defense of their situation. Then attempting to rag on them. It’s sad really.

    Carry on (gregcouch) <—- I can formulate the word: grouch, using the letters of your psuedo-name! Should I stalk you now?

    Look at me; I'm fabulous.

  • Steve W.

    Greg is jealous he doesn’t look as good as Serena when he poses in his underwear and high heels. Implying that Serena is inviting stalkers because of this picture is crazy and just ridiculous, your logic is so off base I shocked you actually put this out for public consumption. It’s amazing how some people can find something negative in something so beautiful.

    • star

      I agree, Serena looks great. Besides there are important things to focus on nowadays. And yes she is still a tennis player!!!! What? has Greg never been injured?

      • Maxi

        I agree with you you star on one part,’she realy does look great….but that doesnt mean that she has to show that Pic….what is she tryng to do…we know she has everything a gal can ever want to have…..

  • JBriggs

    Of course, Serena Williams was not “asking for it,” but Couch was right — she was selling sex with that picture, not her as a person and not tennis. That doesn’t give anyone the right to stalk her or do anything to her, and she certainly has the right to post it, but his comments don’t make him misogynistic, either. Let’s not be naive here. She was selling sex, pure and simple.

    • SilverFox

      sex sells, pure and simple. What do you think the Victoria’s Secret, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc models are selling…underwear?

    • Barbara

      And your point is?

    • Tragic

      I think people should really grow up. The woman looks and feels great about herself and her body. Some many people truly over do it exposing everything on tv and posts all over the internet. I guess the real problem is many are upset because she looks better then your best top model…I say do your thing bay and let the haters hate..Reguardless of whether your on the tennis court or taking a very sexy photo such as that..You truly are an amazing person…

    • alfie

      prior to the post; if you were to see this photo, would you truly know who it was? i can safely bet that, you have NEVER seen this woman in person, EVER!

    • Lynsey

      His comments make him sound misogynistic. Not to mention, Sharapova, Kournikova, Kirilenko, Golovin, Ivanovic, Hantuchova and other WTA players have all posed semi-nude in magazines before, including SI, yet this guy has any issue with Serena?

      • My 2 cents

        What is the difference between Serena and the other players you mentioned?

        How many WTA Singles titles did Anna K win, but she was still one of if not the most popular players in all of tennis, why is that Couch?

        Greg Couch should be ashamed of himself for writing such a biased article, I thought he was better than that.

      • Alezzandria1

        Let’s not be naive. Those are the bodies of white women. The epitome of all that is beautiful – to white America. However, there is something about the black woman’s body that clearly offends some Americans – both men and women. Those who fall into this category should take a look within themselves and discover just WHY a black woman’s body is still so offensive to some of you. If you don’t want to take that look, I’ll TELL you – BIGOTRY. You STILL believe that a black woman should stay hidden in the shadows. Not gonna happen…so GET OVER IT and accept that the cat can’t be put back in the bag – ever again! Have a nice day!

    • RICK

      Yo Sherlock !….. How the fu&k do [ you ] know what she’s selling???? I agree with what Lynsey said…… ” Sharapova, Kournikova, Kirilenko, Golovin, Ivanovic, Hantuchova and other WTA players have all posed semi-nude in magazines before, including SI, yet this guy has any issue with Serena? ”
      (a.) This guy “obviously” has a [ hard on ] for Serena; (b.) He’s [ truly ] a no talented writer who [ needs ] something like this to “get” attention and/or

      RIK TEE

  • JustSaying

    That’s like saying a sexually active woman shouldn’t press charges against her rapist since she’s had sex with other men anyway. Serena can walk around barea$$ naked and that still wouldn’t give someone the right to tresspass into her personal property and space or stalk her.

  • Rob Field

    I had no idea that Serena was that nicely shaped. The photo really does her justice… It is a beautiful picture, tells an exciting and quasi-sexy story. There is nothing over the top that would make it unacceptable. Maybe the timing is off, but it shows Serena in a better, yet different, light. She and her sister, Venus, usually come off as rough yet focused, almost monster like. This type of photo will help her image, soften her up for future advertisements, and probably get a few men to pay attention to women’s tennis…

  • Serena Williams Puts up Provocative Twitter Picture | Larry Brown Sports

    […] Serena Williams is no stranger to causing a controversy over her looks. In fact, it was only last week that a stalker was arrested for tracking her on twitter. Given that issue, it’s surprising to see that Serena has not shied away from sharing her life on the social media forum, as Greg Couch noted. […]

  • jj17

    Greg Couch is a loser!

  • Serena Williams’ controversial Twitter picture: Was it over the line? | | sportsport

    […] put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. […]

  • whilome

    Neither an athlete, model, or two-dollar whore is “asking for it” in regards to how they choose to dress. Couch should be ashamed of himself.

  • reginald ware


  • Ann Miller

    I feel that it’s nothing more or less then a bathingsuit. Women goes to yhe beach with less then that on so what’s the point.

  • Darien Walls

    serena has a big juicy chocolate ass and I must say thank the lord. she can post however she wants.

  • Don Bodell

    That may not even BE Serena! Talk about the old “gauze and vaseline” on/over the lens camera shot!

    This is silly.

  • Danny


  • Edward

    PLEASE Leave Serena alone. She is a beautiful black female who is in the public eye all the time. Yes! she is sexy. If you did not like it YOU would not look at it. She done nothing different than any of the racey perfume companys have done. Now that it is a black woman its a problem all of a sudden. REALLY!! To Serena, You go my Queen.

  • brainsmasher

    I was ready to blast Serena and then I saw the photo. Sweet. I was ready to blast her because she has started to look a little mannish by putting on a little too much muscle. I am thinking that her recent injuries are somewhat due to carrying around all that extra weight.

    I am not a fan of most of her fashion styles–especially the blonde hair. Some women can pull it off. She ain’t one of those women. Serena used to be clearly be the finer of the two between herself and Venus; but Venus has closed the gap. Serena is trending in the other direction. She might be suffering a mid life crisis ala Janet Jackson and her wardrobe “malfunction.”

    • SilverFox

      midlife crisis, are you serious? Serena does like attention but, you can see more than what she is wearing on network TV. I have not seen the photo, nor do I want to…let her be.

      • brainsmasher

        The photo looks great. That is a fantasy. Pull back the curtain and turn on the lights and you will see the real woman. Serena was thickaliscious when she was in her late teens and early twenties. She is 30. She is not a tenderoni anymore. You cannot turn the clock back.

        Her fans are not doing her any favors by blowing smoke up her you know what. She never was a beauty queen. She is not ugly by any means; but she needs to make up her mind whether she wants to be a tennis player or a body builder.

  • Danny

    If she wasn’t BLACK, people would be saying (TRUTHFULLY) how INCREDIBLY GROSS THIS SKANK IS. Well….I don’t see color…everyone is equal in my eyes, and…..THIS SKANK IS INCREDIBLY GROSS!!!!
    I’m not even sure that this ‘person’ is female!
    Serena Williams is an UGLY MAN as far as I’m concerned!!!

    • truRITEhere

      Kinda agree. I think that her shape does not fit the mainstream image that we have been conditioned with. EuroCentric images dominate the media, but in the communities of color, mainly, urban hispanics , some italian and blacks… we like our women with hips and more meat on their rear. To each is own, Im sure I would feel the same way about your wife. Puke!! Puke!!Puke!!! HAHA jus a joke!

    • J

      Danny I would love to see what you look like. I can guarantee you are no prize or you wouldn’t be so hateful…



    • lovely

      are you serious right now this could be your momma behind this curtain you can’t even see the persons face. and i dont see your face up here you talkin about someone if your a man ure disgusting and incredibly gross for sayin that and you can stop pretending your not gay because everyone on this page know you are.

    • sherman

      Danny is that perve who got arrested at the corner store for smelling little boys bicycle seats……..

    • RICK


  • Leonard

    love the pic Serena i c nothing wrong with it LOOKING GOOD SWEETHEART and no its not over the line and stop drinking that hateraid

  • Bub

    I don’t care what she wear she still looks like a dude. I mean look at her nasty man face, makes you want to puke.

  • vic

    just another big ass black wannabe in the white world ugly tennis player – ! IMO


    I wonder if Senera was white in black under ware in the same photo would the reaction by white’s be the same serena has a nice body and like any other woman with a nice body like to show it off the photo is very nice.

    • Danny

      No, rhinessar, I’ve ALREADY ANSWERED THAT ISSUE!!! If she was white (GOD FORBID) everyone would TRUTHFULLY be saying “This MAN LOOKS AWFUL!!!”

      • STFU

        Danny, dude. You need to STFU because its annoying, brainless, wanna-be-all-that people like you that bring our society down. If you don’t like what you see then keep your mouth SHUT and show some respect because right now you’re coming across as a racist, bigoted, obnoxious old man who needs to be slapped with reality.
        So keep your mouth shut because everyones tired of reading your dark aged comments.

  • gingko

    I disagree that the photo sells sex, when I look at it I see beauty. If you see just sex, then that is a reflection of your personal bias and attitudes. That is the thing about art, your opinion often tells us more about you, because the photo itself is an inert object, yet it provokes all these reactions and judgements people make about it. Serena, if you want to show your strength put the photo back up and be proud of it!

    • Stretch

      Thank you gingko. I was waiting for someone with sense to leave a post. To all the rest of you ignoramouses….GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    I never knew Serena had such a great figure, the only other photos of her is in crazy tennis outfits or over the top dresses. Babe you are NICE

    • SilverFox

      She does have a lovely figure; if she tones down the outfits, people would see that. When she is dressed simply and made up minimally, she is truly stunning. You would not believe that this is the person that so many love to hate.

  • truRITEhere

    I dont think Serena is intentionally singled out because of her color, but its difficult to know how to adderss this. I thought the FEMINIST movement meant that we are suppose to DEFEND women no matter how PROVOCATIVE they dress. I thought the FEMINIST wanted women to DRESS how they WANT or be as REVEALING as they want and we still DEFEND them against any harrassment. Why are we calling her a hyprocrite? I wonder if madonna was stalked by young jeezy would she be hypocritical? or would young jeezy just be a sick perv who needs help!! Does this media assasination help to create sensationalism or is it an attempt to destroy the endorsements of the one successful African American tennis athlete? It seems like African Americans get slaughter by the media and the justice system when they indulge in the same behaviors as white athletes and celebrities. Bret Farve shows his cock and nothing happens, but Mike Vick goes to a DOG fight and spends one year and prison and next 5 years apologizing. Makes you wonder if it is some unconscious racism on our part..

    • Danny

      Hey ‘truRITEhere’, you are an IGNORANT A$$ NI66ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OTSize

        Danny, you are pure piece of white bread chicken shit who secretly fantisizes about get rammed in the ass by some big black dick!!!The truth of the matter is Serena rocks, she kicks ass in tennis and took your punk ass sport like we take ALL sports, entertainment, technology, government and just about anything we put our minds to. Now that I finished stooping so low to your limited educated, racist bitch ass……..have a great freakin day BEAAAATCH!

      • lovely

        Danny for you to get on here and say that back up what truRITEhere says so i guess u are the ignorant one.

      • RICK


    • SilverFox

      The racism is not unconscious. Lady Gaga, outrageous or not, was shown on Americal Idol tonight in a black bikini; there were preteens sitting on the edge of the stage. I can’t want for Gaga to get called on the carpet…lol

    • steve

      didnt go to prison for dogs. he went to prison because he financed an illegal gambling ring. I know, the truth hurts.

  • Me

    This is the first picture of her I’ve seen where she looks like a woman so I say it’s beautiful.

  • BOO


  • dean

    nothing wrong with this picture . this picture has great style put the picture back up .. and be proud

  • gametime

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! She was supposed to take that pic at MY house!

  • darlean

    I don’t care what she does, but I do find it interesting that she says she’s a Jehovah’s Witness. No Witness I ever knew acted like this.

  • stewkelly

    Oh come on. Serena isn’t dressed provocatively and certainly isn’t dressed or photographed in a manner that encourages or excuses psychotic behavior.

    She has every right to be proud of her body. She has trained long and hard to achieve her beautiful proportions.

    Besides, walk on any beach this summer and the swim suits you will see on the women and girls there will make Serena’s bra and panties look like a Burqua in comparison.

  • khordkutta

    Anybody got some syrup for them cakes. Woooo get em Serena.

  • theofelton

    any publicity is good publicity. they’re not only professional athletes;the smart ones leverage/play the media to the book.

  • Ryan

    When people use the term “rape culture” this is the kind of thing they are talking about. This article is a perfect example of perpetuating rape culture and is just horrible.

  • AMT

    I think we all know the difference between someone freely expressing themselves and someone being subjected to stalking and see absolutely no hypocrisy here.

    Well, all of us except you gregcouch.

  • Paula V.

    Women often walk a fine line between classy and trashy. Serena, like any woman, knows that. She is in complete control of the image that she chooses to project to the public. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the actual photo, there are consequences to publishing a photo like that one. If Serena doesn’t want any more stalkers, then she has to take responsibility for her own actions/choices, and understand that some of her choices could be inviting some unwanted attention. There is a happy medium between dressing like a nun and wearing nothing but undergarments.

    • JustSaying

      Regular, average women get stalked.

      Stalking is about mental illness and power issues. If Serena were to walk about in a nun’s habit for the rest of her life, it wouldn’t prevent stalkers.

    • SilverFox

      I hope that medium is v-e-r-y happy because I would hate to think that my choices were nuns’ garments or underwear.

  • J.J

    She looks Great, Very sexy……. keep up the hard work and it pays off

  • tamikalynn

    People needs to stop haten Serena is strong black rich and power and every body wants to be like her. On the real I wish I had a body Like hers LOL

    Serena girl keep your head up, Keep doing what you are doing and everything will work itself out stay strong

  • killar

    too many haters her life she’s an adult she can post what ever she likes. If people don’t like, then they shouldn’t look.

  • Carnell B. Carter

    People need to get a life, all of us would show off our bodies if we had nice builds. the Victoria Secret Models wear less and they don’t look as nice, this is some B.S.!

  • Jeff H.

    Ok, If she did that for victoria secrets. Would that shut him up or do we band all underwear models???? but since it was just for her it must be law against this on the books.

  • ed

    she is super her style..she is gorgeous!

  • gg

    Ha! Thanks people – I love your responses and that you are equally outraged. This article is garbage and you’re a joke Greg Couch.

  • Alonzo C.

    Yo!!!!!!!! Ask Venus for me when she gonna post her photo. Let’s get on the same page people who are negative. We just got the #1 terorist in the world who srewed us. WE WERE POSITIVE FOR A MINUTE. Are we looking for something negative so quick.

  • jrenee


  • -

    just another whore in a long line of whores

  • Cartrell Bounds Sr.

    You see,Miss Williams has lot’s of haters for various reasons,but she is an independant woman that has worked veru hard for what she has today and I,personaly admire her for her accomplishments……

  • robert meglen

    She looks pretty hot to me!!!!!!

  • sidney smith

    someone is mad because they doent look that good.i doent see anything wrong with what is see more on the late nite show on tv.

  • Pants on Fire

    This article reveals more about the writer’s questionable mental state than it does about SW’s body. It also shows that we have major problems in this country when these pics and the ones of Pippa are so easily criticized. If this Serena pic causes Couch to think “stalking” then he oughta get some help.

  • robert meglen

    She looks pretty hot to me!!!

  • fjr

    she’s got a big butt…who would stalk that?

  • roblef7278

    I can’t believe look at the the new Victoria collection and you really can’t see anything other than a sillhouett of her SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM

  • Talljeeper

    Obviously Greg Couch is gay

  • Purdy

    Come on people! Today, every artist, sports star, etc. are always looking to push the envelope to see how far he/she society will allow . That being said-no woman should be disrespected, women such as Serena are doing a great job at disrespecting themselves. P.S. Serena looks just like her dad, so sexy is in the eye of the beholder? ewwwww. I’m glad the silhoutte of her body is making news and not her mug shot!

  • A to The

    Big deal…It’s a nice shot.

  • Phillip Moore

    Serena is fine…..and she can dress how ever she wants……that’s what wrong with self-righteous jackasses these days…..always want to pass judgement on others…..let it go…..its not that serious.

  • Els

    If that ain’t a nigga butt I don’t know what is. DANG ! Talk about shelf !!!

  • Alkebu

    Nice thing about being grown and legal. You are free to post what ever you want where ever you want. so to all those busy bodies out there grow up and let the woman do what she feels she is entitled to do. Get a life why don’t cha….

  • Rei

    What a stupid chauvinistic narrow minded response- according to you she should be wearing a veil and one of those things that Muslim women wear because WOMEN are ‘seducing’ men into sex crimes. And all those women who wear bathing suits and wear ‘revealing’ clothes are “JUST ASKING TO BE RAPED” because men shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions- because those girls “WANTED IT”.

    Thanks for showing the world that you’re just another stupid man using your penis instead of your brain. I hope you turn gay.

  • Colonel Angus

    I see more provocative underwear ads but since she is a celebrity she has a responsibility to her fans and herself and other young women who become victims due to this type of behavior. Personally, I don’t find her attractive at all, she would look better if she would stick to regulation tennis wear (if there is still such a thing).

  • Jim Greenwell

    What’s your bitch? That’s she’s usign sex to sell something. Then go after Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, General Motors, the entire advertising industry.

    Because she’s working to sell her sport does not mean she’s encouraging her stalker(s).

    Why woould you even make this an issue?

  • manolito reeves

    it was nothin wrong with that she is a very sexy lady noone said nothin when she was on the beach with commen it she was in a bikin then its the same thing but because she did it on her on they wont to make a big deal out of it she didnt show bush like someesle

  • Stone

    Maria Sharapova has photoshoots that are waaay more provocative than this all the time, and no one cares. Talk about a double standard. This is just an example of a weak white dude being intimidated by a strong black woman, (and yeah I’m white and can realize this) she ain’t the cosmo model type so people overreact when they see her dressing sexy. You need help Couch, this was pathetic.

  • Jim Greenwell

    You’re about one stupid SOB. Women’s clothing or lack of incites people to stak, to rape? What the f**k is this article about? The phot is far less revealing than a Victoria’sSecret catalog, or a Sport’sIlustrated Swimsuit Edition. Is it your contentionthat she “invited” the stalker?

    I really don’t think that your employer should continue to grant you the forum that you currently have.

  • Carol

    Really!!! We see more skin than that on the disney channel. Get a life people

  • Max

    This is ignorance at his truest form. This columnist could as well be the single variable most responsible to maximize entropy, i.e., our state of ignorance of a system. Next time a female kin of yours dares to wear something flattering to her figures and, God forbids, some oversexed creep grabs her derriere, I hope, for the sake of your relationship with her, you do not blame her accouterment. I guess you woke up that day devoid of any literary imagination and figured that this poor excuse for an article will at least get people talking: mission accomplished. You estimated that attacking a “hypocritical” female will initiate conversations that in turn will generate writing fodder for the next few weeks that way your thinking can stay in hiatus a little longer. Purely and simply pathetic! A woman is not an object of beauty, she is beauty personified. if you arouse her senses, affirm her intellect, and allow her to feel secure in her who-ness, trust me you will not have to stalk her because she will give herself to you. So let’s review: open your laptop, get a book or a newspaper, and do not touch the keyboard until that intellectual enema has worked its magic. And for those who evoked the “fine line” and “responsibility” argument, I was always told by my father, my mother, my big brother, and my two elder sisters that it does not matter how far you get with a young lady, if she says “stop” you STOP. If the good Lord ever blesses me with a son, that’s exactly what I plan on teaching him: it’s okay to pay a compliment or admire a young lady, but if your compliment or your admiration makes her uncomfortable apologize and move on. God bless!

  • john

    sorry these two girl should leave their close on and stay outta site, they are NOT pleasing to the eye in any way at all.

  • Vincent Lamb

    OMG! I love that ONION! And yes; I am Black!!! That Onion looks oh so good. I would lay my head on that like a pillow for like an hour. Then, I would politely ask her to sit on my face…

  • OPSR

    I just can’t believe all the racist comments on here! Whether Balck or White it’s wrong! Many of you that behave like this only do it because you know that if you did it on the streets you be beaten or worst. Come on now enough is enough! Learn from your young children because they can get along with any other children regardless of their race, religion or nationality.

  • cgc

    Serena is fine…..and she can dress how ever she wants and do you really care?
    Now you take the new royal couple and that is great stluff…class…class and more class. Can you imagine how Serena must smell after a tennis match as compared to a proper royality?

  • dave

    Not sure how I feel about this but I know I want to see MORE! Aside from being an amazing tennis player this girl has a smoking hot body and as a man I love seeing those curves. Keep it up baby!

  • Lonestar

    Congratulations Couch, you posted something profoundly stupid and got a lot of hits from it. Hope you enjoy it because a few days from now no one will remember who you are and this site will be empty again, loser.

  • james butlr

    what i would do to be that curtain what finger do you want? smile

  • mcdude

    The person who wrote this article is simply a moron.

  • David

    DAMM GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Do you all night long!!!!

  • Please think a little bit more

    What if she was wearing a swim suit?
    Would it be a big deal? ….We see underwear and bra models all the time. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THIS??…


  • Mister Ornery

    Whatever Serena’s intent, it’s working to draw attention to the Serena Williams brand. Greg Couch, Chris Chase, and others are writing about her latest effort, albeit from different perspectives. Add in the many dozens of comments here (yes, including mine) and it is obvious that Ms. Williams will be in the news without playing a single set in the French Open. And quite possibly that is/was her reasoning, right or wrong, behind the photo.

  • Vern Funk

    Have you ever seen a “rounder” bum?

  • carl cook

    Serena is one of the most Beautiful women in the world, just breath taking.

  • tbird

    who gives a crap. shes a beautiful woman that likes to show what shes got. theres no need for the publicity over it

  • krissy

    there are PLENTY of sexy african americans out there but she is not one of them, largely because she’s always trying so hard to make people believe she is sexy.

  • john

    awesome, always wanted to meet her she is beautiful. john boston ma

  • Pam

    It’s the same as some women wearing those bikinis that doesn’t cover much! At least she has the body for it.

  • Carl

    Who the hell let my picture get out she gave that to me….i’m pissed

  • syndicate27

    Beautiful!!! and still a role model.

  • jerry

    I think black woman are gross!

  • be real


  • obbie

    If you people think Serena is appealing, then you must be girls. No matter what she does, she doesn’t do it for me. Venus, though, has her moments.



  • isaac

    The human race has a LONG way to go. But, IMHO, it’ll never get there.

  • DL Payne

    i think shes incredibly beautiful, regal looking.

  • bob

    LOVE the Picture please post more of her!!! love it

  • Serena Williams Posts the Sexiest Twitter Profile Pic Ever and Douchebag Tennis Writer Goes and Ruins It | James Poling

    […] Still, you’re always going to have the stalker/rapist apologists out there who are going to blame the victim for what they see. Last week, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking Williams, having gotten […]

  • scrappy_dew

    hey… if that wasnt serena, would anyone hate the ‘girl’ in the picture for selling sex or suggesting people that they stalk her or even say that shes an ugly man???
    cmon… its a beautiful picture…artistic even! cant you haters look at that picture with goodness in your heart?

    *she does have a huge bottom.. how heavy do you think is that a$$?*

  • Big Dan

    She still looks like a man in drag.

    • Barbara

      That isn’t even funny. Serena and Venus Williams are beautiful women and they have a right to live their lives without some jerk trying to ruin it for them. So she looks like a man in drag does she? What size dress do you wear Dan?

  • Leon

    She is gross, looks gorilla-ish

  • Barbara

    I don’t think Serena is a hypocrite any more than she is an astronaut. Serena is a beautiful woman and just because one jerk decided to stalk her and she took out a restraining order against him, does not mean she has to live like a nun for the rest of her life. I say she put the sexy avatar back up, and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

    I love you serena like a sister and you are one of my favorite tennis players Venus is the other favorite. But you don’t have aplogize for living to no one girl, you are you and you should be allowed to live like you. I hope to see you on the courts soon.

  • Caliman73

    I agree with the poster criticizing the article and not Serena. Stalking is a maladaptive behavior where the perpetrator creates their own reality and will use anything to justify their obsession. “She touched her racket to the floor twice, see that is a signal that she wants me”, is a typical thought process for a stalker. This is not a normal behavior and to suggest that it is any way related to Serena’s behavior is ridiculous.

    Though many of us guys can be crude and even somewhat stupid when it comes to how we relate to women, this article shows an utter lack of understanding of the mechanism that drives sexually deviant behaviors. Women are sexual as are men. It is natural to want to see a nude figure or a sexually provocative photo. It rarely if ever causes a person to jump to stalking. Blaming Serena, or any woman for somehow inviting violence or problems by the way they dress is simply a statement that men are incapable of suppressing their desires to harm women. It is a false idea and a harmful one.

  • Beef

    In my opinion, she just plain beautiful.

  • Sendogg

    She is posing behind curtin cuz she is fu–ugggg

    • Barbara

      If you trying to be funny you aren’t succeeding. Serena Williams if you have ever watched her on the tennis courts is a beautiful woman and she doesn’t need to “hide” behind anything. She just did that for modesty because of how she was dressed. You sound like you’re just a tad jealous Sendogg. You strike me as a guy who stands on the street watching women’s silhouettes on the shade getting dressed or ready for bed. Are you that type of voyeur Sendogg? Are you?

  • lala

    STFU GROUCH! You must be prone to stalking. STALKING CANNOT BE JUSTIFIED DUMB A-S! No matter what she does, wears, posts, etc. THE STALKER’S MIND AND ACTIONS SHOULD BE THE ONE IN QUESTION, NOT HIS OBSESSION, NOT THE PERSON WHO NEVER MET HIM! I guess a woman who wears tight/sexy clothing should be raped too huh? So if we all lived by your retarded logic, all the women who dare to be anything less that plain deserve to be stalked, raped, and/or degraded. Has your mother/sister/aunt/daughter/niece ever worn a bathing suit???? Don’t answer, I’m sure they have. And don’t they wear them out in public places, i.e. pools, beaches, boats, etc.???? Don’t answer, I’m sure they have. And are they being hypocritical in NOT WANTING A FREAKING CRAZY/DELUSIONAL PERSON to develop a crazy obsession with them and stalk them, or are they in fact being hypocrites because they do wear those items, which in turn warrants your very own, personal stalker??? Loser

  • fullclipbarber


  • Muffy

    this is crazy.. i mean there are always flip sides.. but the woman should feel proud to Rock her sexiness… ie her shape.. but i mean u gotta be so censored about everything.. ???

  • Muffy

    PS… i do think its artistic… kinda photography i wanna get into…

  • Kess

    I think its trashy, its definately saying “stalk me, rape me”.

    • Bob

      There is nothing trashy about that picture.
      Even if there is, Who do you think YOU are to be talking about HER??
      Let’s point out your flaws,,
      hmm, well, for starters, you’re an idiot(:

    • Barbara

      Kess you are an idiot just like this Gregg guy. That photo is not trashy and it does not say “stalk me, rape me”, what it says is “I am woman and I am beautiful”. That is the real message and anybody who thinks that is an invitation to stalk her or even rape her, needs to have their head examined. Including you Kess. You strike me as the kind of guy the Serena took the restraining order out on. Are you a stalker and a rapist Kess? Are you? Because only someone with that frame of mind would say something like what you did. Men are the biggest joke that society has ever seen.

    • RICK


  • WankerCouch

    Whoever wrote this “article” is a complete moron. Greg Couch, that would be you.

  • Madison

    Why do you have to pick apart EVERY LITTLE THING she does?!? Sound like YOU’RE the one being a stalker. It’s nobody else’s business what Serena is doing on her Twitter. She’s a grown a** woman and shouldn’t be treated like a 5 year old being repremanded by her parents.
    Gregg, GET A LIFE!!

  • Blaque Jade

    Whose the douche bag that wrote this article? He’s had too many dicks in his mouth so now he’s retarded

  • Muffy

    no body doesn’t asked to be “raped” this is y i don’t comment one these sites…. IGNORANT PEOPLE air their stupid comments… i’m out.. waste of time

  • Jr

    Super super hot!!!!

  • les

    Serena has the right to post anything she is comfortable with and this picture is tasteful so poeople need to find something else to complain about and Serena if you got it and your comfortable i can never be mad at her and her sister both very accomplished young gorgeous ladies

  • big bobby

    White girls do it all the time. Why is there criticism everytime a black woman gets a
    little sexy? Remember Janet Jackson and the super bowl show?

  • JC

    what a bunch of idiots people are! Serena is a very beautiful woman and there is nothing wrong with her avatar pic. I think she looks very sexy and very beautiful!! All the nay saying idiots need to grow up this is the 21st century you know!

  • Nate

    I want to know who took the picture? Can I be that guy next. dat azz ooooo dat azz!

  • carla

    Please! its not her twitter pic or her fault that causes stalking, its a misogynistic culture that permits this kinds of blame-the-woman-victim articles. I’m not all for posting revealing pics like this in general, but it CERTAINLY isn’t posting it that causes stalking

  • tego

    I love this pic its tasteful not nearly as bad as everyone else out there you go girl and give Tego a holler.

  • glenn s.

    Lets enjoy a beautiful body of a super star

  • Roman

    EFEN dumb, it’s a beautiful pic of a woman who keeps a really nice physic through intense workouts and strict diet. She deserves to show it off a bit!

  • Ricardo Harris

    Typical “white” media going on a frenzy over nothing. These idiots are quick to be judge and jury just to make themselves look “politically correct” but deep down and behind closed doors they probably masterbate since they could never get anything close to a strong, sexy, curvy female like Serena. Typical white folks.

  • michael

    would she wear that to the grocery store ? Sexy? maybe but it does cross the line. WOuld she wear that to see her mom and dad ? honestly. I think it does cross the line.

    • Lonestar

      Would Maria Sharopova wear a skimpy bikini to the grocery store? She has photoshoots with skimpy bikinis all the time, do you criticize her?

  • Ms.Hollywood

    I think she should have kept her clothes on, shes great at tennis but I feel her & her sister look like men n drag! U wanted attention u got u just went abt it the wrong way, some things r really to be left n tge bedroom. Im jut glad mariah carey had those babies maybe now her old a** will put some clothes on too

    • brainsmasher

      Mariah is at the point where she is about to say to heck with it and go the way of Chaka Khan and Aretha. The ditsy act doesn’t play well after 25.

  • keith alberson

    greg your a winnie! and like the one artical said, your gay!,ha,ha,ha,lol. America is laughing at you greg, come out the bath room with that nudity book,with serenda pictures stuck inside!. aw this is funny. The young women placed a very tastful aid, man i didnt know she had it like that,ha,ha,ha, you go girl! you young fox! dam she can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, and as you see for yourself, she dang sure wont let you forget your a man!.best wishes serena dont let this get to you baby girl! hold your head up! and you are boom darling, and the pose and feature you look very tasteful! you a credit to all women everywhere, not just black women, but to all women.

  • jet

    Is everybody gone crazy or what. Ok, the stoneage is over, lets come forward a few million years please. Go to any department store on earth, wonder over into the underware or women swimwaer and be totally blown away. Serena Williams is a very attractive, smart, and accomplished BLACK WOMAN thats gifted in areas where others are not so idots get a life. As for you PERVS. get a life or get lost.

  • hbarber

    So if a woman presents herself in a sensual, sexy way, she forfeits her right to safety? That is the message I got from this post, and I find that ridiculous, offensive, and dangerous. Classic case of blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator. Sick.

  • Ricky Shannon

    serena feels good about herself and she’s comfortable in her skin. There is nothing
    wrong with showin off your beauty in a respectable manner. Just be careful because
    pictures like that will draw creeps even though that picture isn’t that racey.

  • Alacron

    I guess those critiques have not seen any of the latest Victoria Secret commercials. For that matter the latest full figured bra commercials. We are the most Hippocratic country in the world. We want to sale products with sex but we don’t want that same attraction to leak into certain arenas. I did not hear any complaints about the famous cat suit, and they damn sure did not trip on the viewer’s stats. Do your think Ms. Williams (because i am nasty) and to hell with Greg and his 1960 mind set.

    • JustSaying

      Uh, that’s “hypocritical”. What the writer of this article accused Serena of for not wanting a stalker and yet posting this pic.

      “Hippocratic” is the oath doctors take promising practice medicine ethically.

  • Barbara

    Alright do you want to know what beautiful really is? Do you? I hope you are ready for the truth.

    Being beautiful means you have a beautiful soul as well as a beautiful body. It means that you care about others, and are nice to be aorund and that your friends really like you.

    Just because Serena decided to show her silhouette on Twitter is no excuse to go calling her names Greg Couch. On second thought, I wonder how you would look in panties, bra and high heels. Care to show us.

  • Greg

    Greg Couch is a fucking idiot for writing this. I don’t know much about him, but I know that it is hard to respect his opinion on anything else when he carries such a ridiculous view on this.

    Nothing wrong with the picture, and to suggest that there is a connection between this type of picture and her being stalked is quite absurd. Its the kind of thing that would suggest that Greg Couch is a stalker or has stalker tendencies. Its the same as saying that any bikini model or runway model for that matter who has a stalker has somehow invited it because of the photos they have taken. Completely absurd!

  • Mac

    Get the f*** out of here. I hope you realize how much of an idiot you are, for not only starting to write this article, but actually finishing and deciding to post this “masterpiece.” I sincerely that this was your desperate attempt to get attention because if this is how you really feel, then you are a sad man and have problems. This is the same mentality that blames women who dress seductive for getting raped. Basically that’s what your saying you believe.

    You believe it’s okay for women to get raped because they are asking for it. If you can post dribble, I can as well. Every person on any social media center picks pictures that make themselves feel good about themselves. Just because she had a stalker doesn’t mean she should change her living style, whatsoever. She shouldn’t even have to, for one second, deviate from any decision in her life, unless it makes her feel uncomfortable. I sincerely hope you see the fallacy of your views and rewrite or edit this article. It is, as you are, ridiculous.

    • KoelnerDom

      Well said. I absolutely concur.
      It’s a disgusting sentiment to perpetuate – that victims are somehow at fault for the crimes that happen to them.
      Especially female victims.

  • Ben Turpin

    Well, the world has many races and shapes, human body sizes are often connected to the races. As those two tennis players are rather big women, they still can look sexy.
    Yep, two ways: It is a beauty for the eye to see her in the picture like that, but it could as well attract many of those sick characters (male and female) that get the wrong impression of it.

  • Jayce

    Whoever the freak is that’s stalking her, it has nothing to do with who she is, how she looks, or what pictures are out there. He’s after her because he wants to attach to her fame or skill in some way. _Anything_ she does will inflame his little tiny mind, but he’d be just the same freak after that he was before. Lock his little penis in a box, chain it to a wall, and keep him away from useful people, great, but what she does has no real effect. Sickos like this will invent whatever they need to in their little brains to give them “reason” to do whatever their damaged brains dream up.

  • JD

    You see more on a tabloid magazine wtf ?

  • Michael

    Serena has a beautiful, healthy body. Why shouldn’t she show it off? Hells bells, she was NAKED on the cover of ESPN Magazine.

    I wish people would get off of their “holier than thou kick.”

  • Steven

    Serena is a real athlete and a champion. Who cares what if she chooses to show her body off.

  • Bobby Ohio Cameron

    I love Serena Williams and I LOVE this picture of her. To me the picture represents Serenas feelings about everyone trying to get into her private life when all she want to do is be a successful tennis player and business woman. Serena is the truth and more power to her for taking such a stance!

  • richard pittmon

    i think it’s a beautiful photo, the person [david i believe] said she’s an ugly gross woman is ludacris. she happens to be one the most beautiful women in america.i’ve seen racier pics. that didn’t get this kind of backlash.whether it was posted on twitter or playboy makes no mine to me

  • Alisa

    Next thing you know she will be blamed for her rape because of this photo. Are you fucking serious? She has every right to live her life freely especially take any photos she wishes considering it has no relevance to her being stalked. Stalkers are just crazy people, no amount of pictures will make someone become crazy. People make conscious choices and should be held accountable for them, not the victim of their actions.

  • Unclejesse

    Yeah, who cares….what’s “risque” about a photo of her in underwear behind a curtain. Her tennis dresses are more risque than this photo.

  • georgie

    How is it racey? You see more at hooters for crying out loud. She is making a statement and it is in all honesty tastefully done. Artistic and bold yes. Worthy of a comment in a headline in the world news to debate over if her talent is an issue.. No.. Love the game dont hate the players.

  • Matt

    Come on people…what is the big deal with this picture? Serena is a sexy and tasteful young lady. I have seen more of her in pics taken while she was in the middle of a match! And now that she posts one of her own…in class and taste I add…there is controversy because a perv can’t handle his temptations? Leave Ms. Williams alone about this classy and tasteful pic!

  • hulKK

    Wow. Awesome picture. I’m sure a pic like this isn’t the only reason she’s being stalked. So what you’re saying is ALL sexy ladies don’t dress sexy, look beautiful or take artful pictures as such unless you want to get stalked????? AND and even better question is WHEN DID SERENA START SELLING SEX OVER TENNIS??? WHEN DID SHE START SELLING SEX, PERIOD?? If you’re a professional athlete built like she is then I’m sure its kinda hard to hide your perfect figure. Does the writer of this story secretly work for Fox News??? The level of common sense no longer exist.

    • steve

      If you want to talk common sense – is it good common sense to post pictures of yourself, twitter where you’re at, etc if you’re famous and have had problems with stalkers? no one is blaming Serena here.

      Why do you think the pic ultimately came down? because someone with common sense saw it and told her to.

  • HardOn

    Man…If she were to even think of clenching her cheeks she’d rip my cock off…

  • It’s your fault, Serena « For the Sake of Science

    […] At least that’s what critics are essentially saying. Serena Williams put up a supposedly risqué photo of herself on her Twitter account. She took it down a little bit later, though, because people like to blame the victim: “Someone must have gotten to her and suggested something about common sense and hypocrisy,” wrote Greg Couch of The Sporting News. […]

  • black lee

    Thick and sexy. as long as she wins on the court, who cares what she wears or doesent wear. Every super hero needs a outfit.

  • Sean

    Its not different than what you see in Victoria Secret magazine. She has a feminine side too and there nothing wrong with it.

  • lionel

    i love the Williams family they make womens tennis popular,more exciting ,interesting and more fun

  • Samira Edi

    Greg Couch IS stalking Serena Williams. The girl needs no validation from voyeurs like him to etch her name in the annals of Tennis. Girl’s done good for herself and by Jove! She Rocks! What a sizzler Serena is.

  • Primetime


  • Agnes

    Hey am from Kenya and i have to say this photo is so beautiful, i would so take a photo like this and post it on my account, in Swahili we say ”MWENYE WIVU AJINYONGE”
    it means the envious should hang themselves. So go girl…. let them hang themselves hehehe…

  • Gilberto

    She’s very nice and good looking woman and for those people who are complained and comment negative about her. You need to get a life!!!!!!!

  • chris

    Why is she hiding behind a curtain???

    What’s she have to hide?

    Anyone who would stalk Serena … or any other woman, for that matter … definitely has a serious screw loose. This image is a pure PR/marketing and free advertising from Serena Inc.

    I think they need to start paying us for viewing this type of free advertising.

  • jeff

    cant we just be the person we are and be embraced instead of disgraced

  • exzabia

    I love her. She’s so so sexy.damn ma ma.don’t be a shamed.your blessed physically and mentally.

  • joe

    I think she looks amazing. It was a very beautiful picture! i just wanna thank her for sharing it. I see nothing wrong with it, there are more racey photos in clothing store adds and more nudity at the beach! Are poeple just nuts or what? I say just shut up and if you don’t like what you see don’t look. Myself i am gonna look she is hot and beautiful!!! She never asked for your input or approval. It’s not like she done a playboy shoot! “I wish” I am no tennis fan, football yes and cheerleaders wear less than you see in her photo. And the stalker what has he got to do with it lock his sick ass up and get him some help!

  • Reggie

    I’m with Anthony, there is nothing wrong with this photo of Serena. You people have nothing else to do but complain. We see more from Victoria Secrets commercials. Good for you Ms. Beautiful Serena Williams.

  • Lionel

    That could be anyones silhouette.

  • T Rex

    Oh for gob sake, leave my tennis friends alone! I’m an old man who loves photography, beauty and tennis, which is presently saving my bacon. She is young, talented and pretty-wish I could say the same about myself! Take it out on a tennis ball-see you on the court.

  • Serena Williams’ controversial Twitter picture: Was it over the line? « Info List

    […] Williams put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. She took it down hours later, but not before the criticism began. […]

  • jezsayin

    First off the problem is that she is black. white women r on tv everyday with lesser clothes than what Sarena had on and behind no curtain. She is very shapely, black, beautiful, and the haters need to go away. I am so tired of seeing all these lipless, assless, mindless, funny looking ass women on tv. I love Sarena’s face and her body and I love her attitude as well. Take all those slice a pizza shape faces, skinny, funny looking, flat asses, hairy, and flat chested ass women off the tv screen and put Sarena on. HOW BOUT THAT!

  • justin

    look at those titties!!!

  • Daringest

    Serena wears and designs tacky, slimy outfits. She is hideous and a hypocrit as well.

  • ismat rishani

    she is an attractive tennis player who totally feminin!that is far better than mannish so called woman tennis players!!??

  • da

    i really love what i have seen and really hate what am reading.The lady is kul and really would like to see more of this.She is doing fine.Those who have a problem with the pic have a problem to solve with their conscience.Dont look at it, chose to look the other side and let the lady be.

  • Malcom Little

    Take a look at your poll results, buddy. The vast majority of folks are not feeling your commentary. You said it yourself- “It’s a sexy photo, she looks great and it’s not pornographic.” So what’s the problem EXACTLY? A woman with curves, who embraces her sexuality, is quite intimidating, huh? And to imply a woman’s manner of dress invites and encourages stalkers is absurd and ignorant. The photo is tasteful. We see far worse every day in commercials. Where’s the outrage when there’s a scantily glad woman gyrating on your television screen trying to sell you a box of cereal? There have been other female athletes who have showed more skin on the front of magazines. I don’t know too many heterosexual men who would object to this picture and take the time to actually write about it.

    • Diego

      Well said Malcom. And LMAO @ ” I don’t know too many heterosexual men who would object to this picture and take the time to actually write about it.”

  • Doug

    Seem’s to me that there’s alot of jelious people out there that wish they had a body half as sexy as Serena’s and her sister and as long as those two girl’s are comfortable in there one skin like that then I for one say leave them alone and let them have there fun. Grow up everybody and get a life.



  • KoelnerDom

    I am disgusted with the sentiments in this article. What Serena – or anyone, for that matter – show on Twitter is NOT an invitation for anyone to stalk them; regardless of the nature of the picture. This picture is hardly that risque, its a silhouette for crying out loud!
    This IS a misogynistic attitude to take, by using that lead line “peep at me, but don’t stalk at me” as if she is deliberately being manipulative or misleading. And inferring that if you are seen with less covering on your body, like in a Bikini or lingerie that you are inviting to be stalked or harrassed – and that drawing the line at being stalked is somehow irrational. That is what that lead line suggests.

    Its reminiscent of this still misogynistic thinking that teaches “don’t get raped” rather than “DO NOT rape”. Don’t get stalked, rather than DO NO STALK.
    Serena is the victim of someone elses criminal activity – stalking, she is not inviting it, nor enabling it. It is not her fault.
    Stalking, harrassmnet and rape are ALWAYS the fault of the perpetrator. They have no impulse control.
    It is up to each of us to control our impulses, not force other people to not make us compelled to do something.
    It’s ridiculous!
    If I post a picture of a cake on my damn Twitter, does that mean I’m enabling overweight people to be obese?! NO, its up to them to control their own impulse on eating, not me.

    What a pathetic article Gregcouch – reckless twitter pic?
    Well I call this a reckless and misogynistic article, biased reporting – prejudiced writing and not very well done either.

    And don’t assume to think what Erin Andrews would think, as if you could ever know what a woman or a victm of stalking is thinking.
    And calling out Serena for the pink body suit – is that supposed to be risque to you?
    Shall they just wear a Burkha?
    Or should woman get off the court altogether? Maybe thats what you want.

  • KoelnerDom

    I wonder if Greg is taking this point of view because Serena is black too?
    Are you racist as well as misogynistic Greg?

    If this was a white woman would things be different?

    I haven’t seen a single comment here that sides with Gregs article. Clearly Greg, you are in the wrong and people are realising what a misogynistic piece of trash you are.

  • Kim williams

    It this any worst than the Victory Secret Ads….come on People…Nice Picture Serena…and so are the Victory Secret Ads. Unbelieveable what folks find worthy of discussing.

  • lha

    So, Serena posing in her underwear drives man mad with lust, and stalking will ensue? It’s not his fault! He can’t help it. It’s clearly her fault for showing herself off.

    The logical conclusion of your argument is that any woman in the public eye is deserving of beng stalked or worse, just for being where men can see them. Those dang women, it’s all their fault.

    Alternatively, men should assume responsibility for their own actions.

  • anthony

    You, Mr. Couch are a dick. I suppose if Serena were to be raped, you would blame that on her and it would be that “she had it coming”. You are an ass

  • charlie

    wooow, dont hate, white ladys because, you ant got what , this amazon, got, this eve , is eve not steve, j.low set you , knot kneed self down, to bad all , wemen ant beuild like this perfect , women, all the haters ned to just set down,

  • haha

    Nice troll, Mr. Couch.

  • Eric Priestley

    This is very sad, tired and real boring to say the least. Who is Serena, and what has she done to make it seem so important and special? She is a good tennis player, who is well endowed physically. I wish her well. Any comment beyond that is speculative and inane.

  • Chelle

    Seriously? You’re calling her to task for putting up a picture that is no more racy than a bikini shot? In fact, it’s LESS scandalous, considering that all you can see of her is a SILHOUETTE! AND in the following sentences you’re basically saying she maybe ASKED for that guy to STALK HER?

    You know what? Why don’t you just proclaim that you’re more than willing to perpetuate a ‘rape culture’ and victim blaming? God forbid a woman should WEAR what she wants to wear, go where she wants to go, and say what she wants to say without some a**hole deciding that her actions give him the right to accost and/or molest her! If she wants to put a picture of herself, BARELY VISIBLE, on HER OWN TWITTER, she should be able to do so with impunity. The STALKER is at fault, here; NOT Serena.

    Take your backwards a**, 19th century thinking somewhere else, Couch, you victim blaming douchebag.

  • Brian

    Get back! GET BACK! DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY! There’s no excuse for flaunting yourself shamelessly… especailly when you look as nasty as he does. Ooops… she does. She wants to bitch about a stalker yet she goes around peddling the flesh? Give me a break… anyone who does this sort of thing is BEGGING for trouble. Talk about a serious lack of common sense! DUUUUHHHHHH! People need to pull their head out and realize there’s a reason it is written to NOT cause your brother to stumble! She’s an attention whore… yet bitches about unwanted attention! Hypocracy knows no bounds!

    • Deevy

      Regardless if you want attention or not, it doesn’t give people the right to break the law and make you a victim. Your just as dumb as Greg I see

  • christopher

    serina put back up your pic sis n fuck allthose white folks they r just player hater cause their ass dont got no curve like a sister,let that was one of them dunm ass whjte girl n victoria secret it would have been cool fuck them skinny ass bitches ,

  • Vincent Dames

    With so much comments about her personal business & activities it’s enough to make a multi-millionaire stop in mid-sip of their exotic drink at their $7K weekend retreat in Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao. Then… back to the party!

    While those caught up in the debate, scratch their butt & search for somethin’ to eat
    between posting & searching for coins in the sofa.

  • miguel

    so what does the pic have to do with unlawful and dangerous behavior. she can post the pic but he cannot stalk period. Give me a hug from Serena and a baseball bat to beat the pervert.

    i usually dont go for the if you got it flaunt it line but Daymun!!!! Serena got it LOL

  • JC

    I was going to leave a comment but the stupidity index is way up on this one, and Brian you’re as stupid as they come…….. SHE gets to do whatever she wants as long as its legal and without fear of some asshole might take it the wrong way!! Besides she’s not walking the street dressed this way ITS A FREAKIN’ PICTURE WTF……

  • Pogo

    Honestly Couch, where were you when Erin Andrews in her situation?! WTF! She was stalked, he was charged, and she goes on Dancing with the Stars. I’m not going to jump to the race card here–even though based on the tone of your gross attacks, I really should–but the story is practically the same.

    This is the 21st Century and beauty sells. Also because America views strong women as unfeminine, I’m glad Serena’s campaign is out to highlight how beautiful female strength is. Serena (and Erin for that matter) have used sensual styles to aid their brand way before these pervs have disrupted their lives. Both women refused to be scared by these perps and decided to NOT let their actions hold them back.

  • Deevy

    Greg covers tennis for a career and did you see his picture? Of course he is probably bitter and jealous of the attention that Williams gets and that she would never give him the time of day. Based on his comments, I would think he is the creepy stalking type, he’s basically saying its ok for the guy to stalk her is she’s going to be sexy. Tennis reporter? what a freaking looser lol.

  • dawg

    all I see is a woman behind a curtain with a big ass… what is so racy about that?

  • Arelem

    Mr. Couch, I suppose you also feel that rape victims bring on their own attacks because of the way they dress.

  • Arelem

    I just noticed you used to write for the Chicago Sun-Times. Were you a friend of Jay Mariotti over there?

  • Steve c

    So what you are supposed to let people change your life let the freaks win stop hating just enjoy a beautiful woman enjoying her life Nobody says nothing when Jessica S Nicole H Kardshians etc prance around with nude pics etc oh what’s the difference pray tell think about it

  • J.C.

    you shood always be who you are in your professnal life, your beautiful,stay that way.if your ever in oxnard come see the Sound Effect band,we will welcome you ..

  • Harvey

    I was going to vote, but I did not see an option for ‘made my throw-up a little in my mouth’.

  • confederateDEATH

    she looks like reggie bush with tits

  • Stephen

    Typical — Blame the victim. The woman’s provocative outfit caused her rape. She was asking for it.


    she is a hun

  • Holly

    So basically your opinion is, women should wear burkas and start acting like muslim women? If women don’t want unwanted attention, we should stop wearing bathing suits, or shorts or revealing our arms, is that what you are insinuating? Oh wait a minute! I forgot to add sexy shoes, considering their are freakish men who have shoe and foot fetishes! God forbid a woman may incite a stalker because she’s wearing a pair of peep-toes!! Pathetic and sexist at best!

  • maggie

    Well, it just goes to show you………………..Money does not buy you class.

  • Yessiree

    Yes she should be able to post those pictures with the expectation she will not be stalked. Does this mean that any celebrity should never go swimming or they will be allowed to be stalked, thousands of papparazzi take pictures….

  • Tor

    Fuck you Couch. Get a life. LOSER

  • ed

    don’t care what people think…..that’s a sexy pic.

  • philip

    she looks hot and she did nothing wrong…

  • Tenista Serena Williams enciende polémica tras publicar sexy fotografía como avatar de Twitter | DatoSur

    […] escribe el columnista de Sporting News, Greg Couch, el hombre admitió haber usado los mensajes en la cuenta de Twitter de Serena Williams para […]

  • Roger

    Are you kidding me? You think she is sending a message to stalkers asking them to stalk her?? Give me a break. She has the right to post whatever picture she wants as her avatar and shouldn’t have to worry about some lunatic stalker. You are blaming the victim here!

  • David

    Is it me….or does she look like she has an extra part in her panties?

  • waldo

    she’s still a nigger!

    • My 2 cents

      And your still a coward who wouldn’t say that in public, you display your racism over the internet like the coward you are. What does it benefit you to call Serena a nasty name like that? Does putting others down make you feel better about yourself? You need help, professional counseling of some sort.

    • dennis

      Waldo: This is why we have freedom of speach. So shit for brains like you can write such crap.

  • Jay

    Why not photoshop out the bluge in the front before posting that pic?

  • ruckerr

    a bra and panties?

    who cares, she’s a good looking woman. Your just mad and upset that you dont look as good as she does. Get fit, lose weight and get a life.

  • essie

    What an idiotic article. Any person should have the freedom to live their lives without fear of being stalked.

  • cyborg

    Wow. The photograph is very artistic and the woman(Serena), even though I do not care for some of the arrogance she exudes, is one of the most beautiful women of all time. To call a woman like that your wife is paradise realized. And so back to my mundane life…

  • kevin poplin

    common sense says if u dont want attention drawn to urself, dont publish suggestive pics of urself. dahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • KAT

    So the only way a woman can be strong is to be sexy?

  • MelodyO

    Hmm, let’s see here. If a woman can drive a man to sexualized violence just by showing her skin, how can we prevent that from happening? Should we hold men legally and morally accountable for their actions or – no, wait, I know! Let’s make women wear burkas! Because it’s obviously their fault if men want to harm them for being, you know, women. Good message, Greg. ::rolls eyes::

  • dennis

    this is no more racy than the spread from the glee girls. Victoria Secret adds are far more racy than this picture. Get a grip.

  • enyaface

    I think the photo is tastful and beautiful….

  • rjflorida

    When you have a body(booty) like that it is your sovereign duty to the human race to do things like this as much as possible.

  • bb

    There is a differemce between putting info OUT TO the public and having your personal time and space INVADED. I think she looks great and the avitar was not in poor form. Stalkers can be dangerous. Know your place & space…..

  • Suiee

    Something that BIG, black, and ugly should be kept behind a curtain at all times. Those two things are men in a woman suit, they look like body builders with a womans face.

  • Mickey

    I wanna be her official photographer.

  • Brick City Bandit

    What is the fuss? The title explains everything<"Don"t stalk me but you can peep at me". She has the body and she sure isn't ugly. All those photographers who chase celebrities maybe sick in the head and create the atmosphere for sick-oos to want to touch her. She's brave enough to shadow herself and you're crying indecencies of her. Do't look in the mirrow at yourself


      I don’t know why any man with good eyesight and half iof a brain would ever want to stalk her. Maybe the stalker was paid to do it, that’s why.

  • Bowski


  • Scott Poole

    This article is insane.

  • Bob

    I think everybody should just let this go.
    Serena is a beautiful woman, let her show it if thats what she wants.
    She cant keep worrying about crazed pschos out there,
    she has to continue to live her life. She might as well just crawl up in a hole somewhere, cause she is a star tennis player so she is bound to get lots of attention, plus she is a beautiful star tennis player.

  • Greg

    That’s great. I always wanted to see what an ape in high heels would look like

  • Evan Stacy

    Not really a fan of black pussy

  • MenForEquality

    Why do we as a society place blame on the victim, if the victim is a woman. Because she has a stalker, she is not allowed to express herself? She shouldn’t have to live in fear because of a pervert.

  • kaitlyn

    i think it’s amazing that she had the guts to put that up there. she is an amazing athlete and if she wants to put pictures like that up there showing her rocking bod, that is HER choice not anyone elses. so shut up and grow up. it’s her avatar and her decision, just leave her alone. and whoever put this, it isn’t because she’s black, it’s because she had a stalking problem and they want to know why she is putting this up there after all of that drama, but apparently it is none of anyone’s business, but her’s.

  • John

    SOOO UGGGLLLYYY…..Ouch my eyes hurt. Feels like acid in my eyes. This man needs to put on some pants.


      I’m with you on this, man. I can’t even bear to watch her play tennis. They might as well put some giant bra and panties on a horse and call that sexy.

  • nay-nay 22

    yal just need to leave her the f##ck alone she is pretty . shit she wears less then that playing …. take a chill pill sh## @@s HOLES

  • Christina

    What a stupid article. That’s the same reason some muslim men use for making muslim women wear burqa’s. The writier is a complete idiot!


      Maybe you are the one who is an idiot. Being feminist doesn’t exempt you from being an idiot if you are not one already by being a doggone feminist.

      Stop reading everything as a war of the sexes. Maybe men ought to slam doors in your face once in a while instead of opening them for you.

  • jim watson

    does she have any nood pics?

  • BeReal

    As a photographer & artist, I find the photo very artist and in great taste. It is very creative & classic. Too bad we in the states are so backward & see everything in the worst possible light. It just goes to show we are still a very primitive society under all the gloss.

  • Doc

    one more time ****** Victoria Secrets/ Hardee’s ( Ms Turkey Burger) you must be out of your F***** mind to even write this negative S***. White OK ? African American NO? HHHMMMM?

  • Mike

    There is absolutely nothing sexy about Serena Williams picture. How can a buck over 6 foot tall and out weighing me by 50 pounds be sexy. I puke everytime I see something mentioned about the Williams sisters being pretty sexy or anything along those line.





  • Serena Williams Twitter pic |

    […] put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. […]

  • Rawseed

    Wow! People want to see a dead pic of Bin Laden, but not a pic of an alive ass like that! Somethings amiss!

  • Nun Yo Business

    I for one don’t find either sister sexy, as far as the picture it was done tastefully and was making a point, the writer of the article seems a little puritanical and would probably find Victoria’s Secret catalogs too sexy. You know the catalog that airbrushes out all the naughty bits so as not to offend the conservative people of the land. In Europe where they are adult enough to show the naughty bits on TV (after 10 p.m. or course) they have far fewer sex crimes than we do here. Maybe we just need to grow up here so we don’t keep seeing articles from the easily offended about these kind of things.

  • carol

    OMG! thats the picture? dont people have more serious and important things to worry about? Serenas not the hypocrit here.

  • keyturn

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….
    One mans trash is the next mans treasure…
    Opinions are like a**holes, everyones got one…

    Must I go on?

    Don’t like it? Don’t look, or don’t type the url to Serena Williams twitter account in ur browser or don’t click on a Serena Williams related link. It really is just that simple.

  • deseanK

    omg..what is the big deal..

    She is NOT good looking, no matter how much skin she shows. Her face reminds me of her toothless, crackhead looking, crazy father.

    She could walk around nude and open her legs in front me and I would still pass…only thing she is good for is her bank account that is all.

    • anthony pierce

      everything you just said told me you were gay dude

      • deseanK

        I guess being gay is something you would be an expert at…You go on with your bad self..

        Go get that butt one is stopping you..come on out and be free, you certainly deserve it.

  • jw

    look’s no different than looking through a clothing magazine in the undergarments section.
    She is looking pretty hot, but that what she intended, to get people speaking her name and talking about her.

    ild spank her for being bad, if bad is what you call it!

    rockin booty

  • Dana Julius

    Greg Couch is a racist, Serena-obsessed nitwit. So it’s come down to this Greg? Blame the victim? If that picture had been of Sharapova or Wozniacki I’m not too sure you would have had a problem with it. How are you going to earn your living after she retires?

  • Rick

    I simply cannot believe some “columnist” calls this “reckless”. A opaque pic with a woman in what can barely be seen as bra and panties? Huh? What? Help me see the evil in this folks. I see worse on childrens cartoons. We are becoming such a silly society it isn’t even funny. Greg has nothing better to do than to complain about a beautiful woman that us REAL men want to see. Maybe he is gay and doesn’t like women. That is HIS choicew, but please Gregoria, let us real men enjoy the pics. LOL

  • Jyotirmay Intellisense

    yeah she is hot but i can’t tell any more about Greg Couch .

  • Patrizio

    I don’t get it…she looks like a Transexual anyway. Who on Earth could ever find her attractive? She is an overgrown ape.

    • Nee

      I think you have been very irresponsible by such comments about her. Deal with the topic and not to attack her personality.

    • anthony pierce

      i personally think you are retarded. when carlos mencia said dee dee dee i believe he had you in mind, and by the way DING FRIES READY!!!!

  • Media Outrage » Blog Archive » Serena Williams Under Fire For Racy Twitter Avatar Pic

    […] Williams put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. She took it down hours later, but not before the criticism began. […]

  • Nee

    What on earth has she done wrong? Somebody tell me. Don’t hollywood stars do worse things? Please, do not blow this out of proportion. I don’t think it is fair to her. Her decision to take it after a couple of hours is part of her message or style. Leave her alone. There more naked women in our streets during summer. Do all these women create stalkers for themselves. We, men must learn to control our stupid egoistic mentality.

  • Jay

    She is beautiful and this photo is very sexy and tasteful. The outfits that she wears on the court or on the beach is no different from this photo. All this is is tasteful art cause her body is a work of art.

  • coreydavidschmitz

    I’m glad to see that quite a few non-assholes have beaten me to this punch, but since you seem particularly stupid, I’ll try to spell this out for you again. Putting a picture of yourself on the internet is legal. Stalking someone? Well that’s illegal. It doesn’t matter how they dress, or what they act like, because that’s their business. Thank you though for reminding me why I don’t read Fanhouse anymore though.

  • frederick roberson

    I don’t see nothing wrong with her picture. She has a very beautiful and might I say, sexy body. The reason for the negative opions is simply pure envy. She has a perfectly round shaped ass with a beautiful thin waiste and sexy flat stomach to go with.
    I would love to be the lucky man to win that special place in her heart 😉

  • nichola

    leave her alone! she look very pretty in this pic, that hot pink cat suit pic needs to go if u are takein one offline!!!!!!

  • Pepper

    THAT’s the pic the uproar is all about? Are you kidding me?
    People, please remove the stick from your rear.

  • Pepper

    And another thing …
    STALKING is a crime. Dressing provocatively is not.
    If you can’t control yourself people, then lock yourself in the house.

  • Ed


  • Ian P

    I’m going to say this as calmly as I can. You sir, are a misogynist, and how. You are equating Serena posting an image she is comfortable with, with someone sneaking up to her window and invading her privacy. You see, SERENA decides what she’s comfortable with, got it? You jackass?? You do not. WOMEN decide when they are being objectified or mistreated. You do not. Why didn’t you just title this column “SERENA WILLIAMS: IS SHE ASKING FOR IT?” because that’s exactly what you are saying, you FOOL!! YOU JACKASS!!!

  • Sexy Serena Williams Twitter Avatar Photo Causes Controversy - Mass Market: Entertainment news, Music, Viral Vids, Funny lists, TV clips, Weird news, Finance tips, Sports bloopers, Fashion, etc

    […] too much of an eyeful, but the sexy picture draw the ire of Sporting News columnist Greg Gouch, who called it “reckless” in the light of the fact that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Tony

    I think we should do away with blogging altogether because this is insane. We have all these people sitting in there parents basements with no job and a computer they got for christmas and the find sites to post this garbage. At the very least there needs to be screening involved. The picture “is what it is” and to hear some of the trash you people are leaving as a result of the picture is ridiculous! Between the bigots, and the hatred, along with the insults, it is very disappointing that americans still don’t get it. I actually ashamed to be apart of this stupid discussion! I am out and may the peace of god be with you morons!

  • Gerri

    I agree that no one, not even a prostitute, ever deserves a “what’s coming to you.”

    However, women need to realize that only YOU can look out for yourself. Only you have your best interests at heart. The question is, What do you want? Do you want to be the poster child for a woman’s right to be sexy/sexual and suffer from bad judgement? Or do you want to be a Self-assured, SMART!!!! and sexy woman. I know I can’t use my example for everyone, but, I was assaulted a few years ago, in my early 20’s. I was out jogging in tights and what I thought was a moderately loose tshirt. And yes, I was pretty darn shapely, not a pole.

    I was devastated by what happened. IF you can live with the memory of running from the location of the attack, being wary that he might find you again… IF you can live with recalling by closing your eyes how his body felt on yours…

    I always push the memory away, but I can physically recall it, not just in my mind.

    So, my point is to the ladies. It is YOUR choice. I still dress sexy, but at a time and place that is appropriate. Where and when I know I am safe or protected. The online social networking age has created a new forum where YOU need to watch out for yourself, because honestly your boyfriend and not even your mother can follow you around with a chunky figure-hiding sweater wherever you go. Be SMART! Or do you just want to be the poster child for women’s “right” to be sexy/sexual and suffer bad consequences. JUST BE SMART!! Only YOU can watch out for yourself.

    My experience did not make me a poster-child for a woman’s right to be sexy/sexual. It made me SMART. Please take my experience and use it. I am still sexy, just when and where and with whom I need to be.


  • Outrage

    CREG COUCH, SOUNDS RACIST. And am not even black but can see right through this waste of time piece of article he decided his brain should come up with to write. Get a life dude!

  • chris

    HMMM maybe its her robust booty and exotic looks that got the dude trippin’ I say move that danged curtain caus shee smokin’ hawwt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Serena Williams Under Fire For Racy Twitter Avatar Pic - The Onyx Report

    […] Williams put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. She took it down hours later, but not before the criticism began. […]

  • Agnelo

    Serena! I think you’re right. We came this world with nothing on. Go on to show up your great body. I like it.

  • Picture Of The Day: Serena Williams’ Sexy Twitter Avatar Is Gone, Should Go Back Up | Total Pro Sports

    […] it!  It is your body.  You own it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Hat Tip – [Greg Couch On Tennis] Highly Clickable Stories From Our Friends Shhh Don’t Tell MOM! Sexy Self Shots (SFW Pics) […]

  • Anthony

    Leave Serena alone there’s nothing wrong with this picture; The woman is insanely gorgeous and well fit. This guy must be jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Victoria secrets ought to use it in their next add; They may sell more UNDERWEAR……..

  • Stephan

    Serena is one beutifull women,it’s great some times she give her male fans a treat……..!

    Some people are just jealous.

  • Kevin Davis

    you splash skinny white woman all the t.v. with bones showing, but when a beautiful black woman with curves show her stuff all the critics want to make a fuss. keep the skin and bones white women off the air and put more blacks and latinos and hispanic on.

  • An

    If you cannot play tennis and you do this sort of things to stay in the news, would you call that a celebrity I thing you have to do more to be a celebrity.

  • alan

    she is a ta!!!stey morsel

  • Serena Williams’ controversial Twitter picture: Was it over the line? | Welcome2Nigeria

    […] Williams put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. She took it down hours later, but not before the criticism began. […]

  • Holla

    Yes, yes, yes…It is shocking to see true beauty. I totally agree with the person who pointed out that KIM KARDASHIAN AND BRITNEY TAKE NUDE PICS ON HARPERS BAZZAR, NO ONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH IT! As soon as a BLACK woman does it…Oh now it’s too vulguar! How dare the media segregate openly like this!!
    Truth be told, Black women were running around naked in America (and the world for that matter) before anyone else came here.
    Go Serena show your stuff!!

  • taryn Davis

    Are you kidding, I’d be worried for the stocker, Serena is built like a NFL middle line backer!

  • paramourinwaiting

    I like it. And her big booty. She looks beautiful. I rather see this pic than other pics that depict Black women as ghetto hoodrats sticking out their asses and/or dropping it like it’s hot.

  • snnyjcbs

    Give me a break, the picture is great and not offensive in the least. You people should get a Life and stay out of other folks.

  • FinMac

    How is it possible to be critical of Serena Williams for refusing to allow a stalker to place limits on how she chooses to live her life. She should be free to pose for as many sexy pictures as she wants. It doesn’t give anyone the right to stalk her or justify a stalkers actions. We don’t criticize male athletes for cashing in on their ultra manliness, but we criticize female athletes for being sexy. This is just another example that as far as as we’ve come as a society, we still have a long way to go. Shame on the author of this piece for failing to mask his sexist prejudices. Dude, you need to confront your failings and get over yourself.

  • robert jenkins

    She looks good no matter what people say I like the suite.

  • kennyleeroy

    i geuss all the sales papers need to pull the bra and pantie ads i geuss those models are morally wrong too oh wait the hypocrites say thats ok.what a bunch of idiots

  • Steve

    She is Beautiful! Strength with Beautifulness and Brains. U all need to grow Up and all at yourself for something beautiful. Grow up and Deal with it, She is a beautiful woman. Get over it.

  • michael

    We have all seen more sexual content on billboards all over the world. Why is this any different. Well they at least used a see thru vail. I don’t see this as a big deal. Why is this a story?

  • Tracey

    Please tell me this post was just to drum up views. If that is the case it worked but now you look a little silly.

    “Instead, what she was saying was this: Peep at me, but don’t stalk me. huh?”

    Which part confuses you? Are you saying that women on the beach in bikinis should be a-ok with having a stalker because they are wearing pretty much what Serena is wearing? Are you saying that people in the public eye should always wear as much clothing as possible in order to deter people from following them around and lying to people in order to get next to them as well as violating a restraining order?

    Dudes problem is his own. If he was just trying to get a date that is fine and dandy but he was doing more than a little too much and that is all on him.

  • Top Posts —

    […] Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter… And just like that, Serena Williams’ sex(y) new Twitter avatar is gone. Gone after maybe half a day, with the old […] […]

  • Dr. Payne

    I am a fan of Ms. Williams who I believe is an outstanding athlete, and beautiful person who has demonstrated excellent behaviour on and off the tennis court. The apparel she was photographed in yesterday is not demeaning, nor is it embarrasing in any form. Models on HSN, & QVC dress that way all the time while modelling underwear. I would like to wish Ms. Williams all the best in her professional life, and her many business endeavours.

  • Lita A.

    Goodness gracious. How much of a hater are you Mr. Couch? How in hell did YOU become a sportswriter? I’m not even a Serena Williams fan (Kim Clijsters is my Favourite), but just by my reading the columns you write about tennis which include Williams, I see you must be jealous of her for SOME reason. When she wins, you’re on her case. When she loses you’re on her case. When she breaths you’re on her case. Your skills are lacking, and now you’re blaming the victim for a crime perpetrated against HER? One thing is for sure. YOU wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stalking you, because you are NO prize yourself. Who did you blackmail to get that job you have?

  • Malcom Little

    I had to come back and comment again. Greg Couch, you are what the young folks like to call a “hater.” I’m tired of you White folks and your racist double standards. I don’t even think a White man, an obviously gay one, can appreciate a Black woman’s body. You’re accustomed to looking at women built like rectangles and prepubescent boys.

    Why do some White folks have so much animosity for the Williams sister? Is it because they came and dominated women’s tennis? I guess they should have stuck to track and field, huh? These sisters are positive and stay out of trouble, but some White folks always have something negative to say about them. And what do their looks have to do with their athletic ability, their talent? Beauty is subjective, and we all know about White folks’ standard of beauty.

    To all of you ignorant close-minded folks leaving these idiotic comments, the Williams sister will always be better than you. You can attack their physical appearance all you want, but that doesn’t take away from their talent, their bank accounts… Serena can wipe her big juicy ass with the money you make yearly at your menial jobs.

    And there is nothing “controversial” about this column. It’s just dumb. Greg Couch, you need to spend more time analyzing the actual game, and less time analyzing what type of picture a tennis player posts on Twitter. You’re looking like a real lame. You just opened the flood gates for a bunch of simple-minded racists to comment on her looks.

  • Gerry

    What is sexy about an elephant in a bra and panties?

  • shamgar50

    Hey Greg, you’re an idiot!

  • deez nutz

    she is a gift to all men. she has the best body on a woman i have ever seen. LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS AMAZING IN EVERYWAY! THAT BOOTY IS WHAT ALL WOMEN SHOULD STIRVE FOR!

    • Whatagift

      She’s a gift to all men all right, there’s enough for everyone looks like to me. Look at that ass sticking out behind that curtain.

  • michael

    it’s ok if it was a white woman in underwear but it’s something about a sexy black female that gets people in a uproar.

  • Driver

    It’s the power of the booty. On a serious note, this is just another example of the difference between being a black athelete or star of any kind vs a white one. This purely driven by either white male fantasy, or white female hate.

  • george


  • george


  • george


    Cry about something serious!! whaaaaaaa

    • nubian pimpz

      theres nothing vulgar about that pic. that woman body is flawless !! i think theres a few disgruntled puny bird ass haters out there. i tired of seeing puny waif ass women like rancid ass paris hilton . and as usual leave it to a few inbred hillbillies to make it a racial thing. in closing i like to say my president is black bitchez !!!! and ladies feel free to hit me up to discuss that “thang”

  • jude

    Stop being jealous, she is just being a girl! Women love attention, period! Haven’t y’all figured it out yet?

  • naomi

    I don’t understand why she’s being called reckless?? Why shouldn’t she post a picture for people to look at her, isin’t that the point of posting pictures?? If it was too vulgar or offensive twitter could have taken it down. Regardless if she’s being stalked or not she has the right to post a sexy picture of herself. I don’t exactly think all of her outfits are in good taste but it’s her choice. You cant stop living your life because of a stalker and you shouldn’t stop posting sexy pictures of yourself. Posting a sexy picture of yourself doesn’t mean she’s inviting people to stalk her, it means she still confident regardless.

  • nubian pimpz

    it shouldnt be a racial issue at all…and only a inbred hillbilly would say such coonery !!!

  • CharlieP

    There’s nothing wrong with Serena’s avatar, she’s sexy as hell & she knows it. And if she doesn’t know it i’m here to tell you, “YOU ARE A SEXY WOMAN”.

  • Andy

    Someone needs to get a dictionary. Hypocrisy would be her accusing someone of stalking her while she was secretly stalking someone else. That’s not what happened here at all.

    She’s not saying “Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.” She doesn’t want ANYONE to peep at her directly; she wants them to look at a picture of her. Look, I have no problem with someone putting my picture up on a tree and shooting it with a rifle; the problem comes when they try to move beyond to picture to me.

    By this “peep at me, but don’t stalk me” rationale,every Playboy or Penthouse model would be wrong for suggesting that they shouldn’t be stalked. Serena’s picture was tasteful and elegant, and should be viewed early and often. The PICTURE, not the woman.

    There was no hypocrisy here.

  • karl

    If I want to see a naked baboon I’ll go to the zoo!

  • andre cox

    She is simply sexy … and thats all there is to say

  • LT

    First of all give me a break! The last time I looked it was a free country, Serena did nothing wrong. People are always in someone else’s business besides their own; dont hate ’cause your body’s busted and hers isn’t. If it were Kim Kardashian no one would say anything, I’m not saying anything bad about her I’m just trying to make a point. Some people need to get real and focus on what really matters in this world we have more sh–t to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpareChange

    Honestly, this is gorgeous. Why is this bad? Cause some jerk staked her, you want that to dictate her life? Jeeeeeesh.

  • Chino

    Im sorry but that salad would get so tossed
    I know Im nasty SO

  • roosevelt

    Man I’d like to fuck her.

  • Justme

    Bottom line people is this…..Serena Williams is the sexiest woman in sports,period end of discussion as far as I`m concerned…I promise you if I was a woman and had her body,there is no doubt in my mind that I would flaunt it just like she does.If a few wierdo men can`t handle that then they have a serious problem…I think Serena is very beautiful,if it was me in her place I would have left the picture up,but that`s just me.

  • Bill G

    I’d still hit it….

  • Z

    Damn Greg, you might as well said that black women welcomed their white masters raping them while they were enslaved.
    Get that shit outta here
    Yall really think Serena is really worried about all Yall hating asses? She’s sitting up in her Mansion enjoying her millions that shes worked hard for being the best at what she does. Yall talking all that mess, and like to forget how talented this girl really is
    Greg get on Serena’s Level first before you talk shit about her

  • Bud

    She is ugly !!

  • Jack Of All Trades

    I’m only pissed off because there is a curtain in the way.

  • Mari Daniel

    Give me a break! She has a fabulous body. I wish I had all that 🙂 Are you suggesting that she wear a nun’s habit because some nut is stalker her. NORMAL people can see a beautiful women (or handsome man) and not get obsessed. Don’t punish her because she is so gorgeous.

  • Hutch

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  • redrovver

    Serena is my black little sister and we have to protect her from the biased media.
    She has to be darn near perfect to get any respect from these haters and that will never come top past. I would say to her keep doing you and stay real to the cause!
    Elevate your profession and race to a supreme level and make us proud. We the true and proud black people of the world will watch and adore you no matter what!

  • Jaxspot40

    That is one FINE WOMAN. If that photograph was hanging in a Gallery, it would be ART!!. People need to grow up and not be so thin skinned. We as a Nation have become so thin skinned that we want everyone to do what I want. We should be trying to fix REAL problems and quit trying to be so DAMN politically correct. Put a little thicker skin on and grow up and do the right thing. Something has changed with this Nation for the worst and it started before Obama and it started with the people. Give me Give me, all that it want and not pay for it

  • Jaxspot40

    Sorry I got n my soap box. Still a great Photo

  • benganje

    unreal they had to take it down so quickly


    omg she iz one sexy blk women

  • Jujube

    The majority of people here think that Serena is hot, except the inbred racist illerate folks on here. Which begs the question, if your think she so ugly why post? I don’t post on some anorexic pale face looking broads page.

    Serena is sexy!! You go girl!! This blog is biased.

  • Pone

    Greg, are you foreal? Man your lame have you seen any underwear models lately! Grow Up she looks good and you don’t!

  • Steven

    How do you manage to see her looking away as if she were ashamed? i don’t see anything wrong with the photo she posted and she is showing no more of herself then we’ve seen in some of her tennis outfits or fashions she has worn over the years.

    I think she should put the original photo back up and ignore all of those who think she should button because she might be inviting a stalker. I think it is a very personal and for her I will go out on a limb and say powerful image of herself and I believe that she is making a statement to that effect.

  • Graham

    Who’s Kim Kardashian?????? Im so sick of people talking about her…Now Serena is the real deal….Keep it up Serena…I know I am…lol

  • stevedaddy

    she is hot who ever made a big deal out of this must b real ugly and jealous keep the pix comin

  • SLB

    I think Greg wrote this article to come to terms with his conflicting feelings about Serena. Upon seeing that picture, an inexplicable feeling of lust and stalker-ism overwhelmed his soul. He then proceeded to save the picture on his desktop with a mental note to pleasure himself to it later.

    Throughout the day, though Greg was running errands, he kept checking Serena’s twitter account just to stare at that picture. The picture prompted him to do a thousand google searches on Serena. It was in these searches that pictures of her in a black and pink leotard popped up. That wasn’t enough, Greg wanted her address, and started digging more and more until he realized that he was turning into a cyber stalker and that if he didn’t stop, he’d end up in jail, just like Serena’s current stalker. Angry with himself, but mostly angry with Serena for posting a picture that would cause him to lose his mind, he started writing an article about how grity Serena’s pics had been.

    Once finished, he read the article out loud to himself. However, he could not stop thinking of Serena, again he went back to her Twitter page, stared at the picture and finally let the load he’d been holding all day explode. He cleaned himself up, but he was ashamed and disgusted that he’d jerked off to a black woman. He didn’t consider himself racist, but he wasn’t an equal opportunity dater. He’d never met a black woman who could turn him on like Serena did. What would his mother say? What would his friends say? Filled with ambivalence, he couldn’t resist to check out Serena’s twitter pic one more time. To his surprise the pic was gone! Back was the old pic of Serena in her tennis attire, and just like that all of his feelings were gone. Yes, he’d been cured, but this was a close call. With everything he’d gone through fresh in his mind, Greg completed the article he went on to post it on his blog as a precautionary tale to all would be stalkers.

  • SLB

    I think Greg wrote this article to come to terms with his conflicting feelings about Serena. Upon seeing that picture, an inexplicable feeling of lust and stalker-ism overwhelmed his soul. He then proceeded to save the picture on his desktop with a mental note to pleasure himself to it later.

    Throughout the day, though Greg was running errands, he kept checking Serena’s twitter account just to stare at that picture. The picture prompted him to do a thousand google searches on Serena. It was in these searches that pictures of her in a black and pink leotard popped up. That wasn’t enough, Greg wanted her address, and started digging more and more until he realized that he was turning into a cyber stalker and that if he didn’t stop, he’d end up in jail, just like Serena’s current stalker. Angry with himself, but mostly angry with Serena for posting a picture that would cause him to lose his mind, he started writing an article about how grity Serena’s pics had been.

    Once finished, he read the article out loud to himself. However, he could not stop thinking of Serena, again he went back to her Twitter page, stared at the picture and finally let the load he’d been holding all day explode. He cleaned himself up, but he was ashamed and disgusted that he’d jerked off to a black woman. He didn’t consider himself racist, but he wasn’t an equal opportunity dater. He’d never met a black woman who could turn him on like Serena did. What would his mother say? What would his friends say? Filled with ambivalence, he couldn’t resist to check out Serena’s twitter pic one more time. To his surprise the pic was gone! Back was the old pic of Serena in her tennis attire, and just like that all of his feelings were gone. Yes, he’d been cured, but this was a close call. With everything he’d gone through fresh in his mind, Greg completed the article he went on to post it on his blog as a precautionary tale.

  • JDeee

    Was today that much of a slow news day? Go check out the wwe divas pictures lol

  • jmswaggavate

    I don’t understand what the problem Serena Williams being sexy so cry me a river plus did he interview her about the twitter pic going hard when nothing he saying holds weight really come on like he knows what she thinks media so pathetic nowadays it’s turned into bunch of high school girl gossip why aren’t real issues being focused on i think he change his name to Greg Douch

  • anthony pierce

    ok guys. leave mr couch alone. he was just doing his job. is it our fault that greg couch is a gay man? he will always bash on woman like serena because as a kid he never could keep a girl. I am convinced that he can’t keep a man either. And if you are reading this greg, and you want to sue me for slander? go ahead and try. you will nevre get anything out of me and it will just prove my point. you are getting mad at her for the attention she is getting when you yourself are jealous of her. dude grow the fuck up, get laid and leave her the hell alone. you complain about her having a stalker? what do you think a stalker will do to you for bashing her like that. you really need to think about that sorta of thing when you write your colums. and if a stalker kills you over serena? believe me, i will not lose sleep over it. in fact such is life. you should read up on these things.

  • brian

    i must be looking at the wrong picture . i dont think any pictures of the tennis tour are racy or in bad taste. the wemen of the tennis tour are very smart about the pictures that the release to the public . Serina you show nothing but pure professionalism and good taste. keep up the stong work this year cant wait to see your matchesthis year. your judgement is well ballanced and very well taken .. thank you . Brian . calif.

  • anthony pierce

    i say we start a petition to get greg fired.let me know if you are down because it sounds to me like he committed defamation of character with just the title of his article alone

  • Carol

    I bet GREGCOUCH and others like him think gay teachers will make your kids gay.

  • JungleCat

    Serena Schmerena — so what, who cares ????

  • russell mallett

    please,leave the white-black crap alone , i’m a 56 year old beat up white guy thats been thru hell an back an what i honestly see in serena is CLASS, A WHOLE LOT OF CLASS. u go girl

  • Pierce

    What is that enormous lump sticking out? Is it a backpack?

  • Joe

    She is very hot. The pictures are great! Stop hating on Serena, she is gorgeous and you all are jealous of her beauty.

  • smoke inbanshee

    anybody who finds this offensive is nuts. and anyone who gets a hard on looking at this (or serena and venus) is sick

  • CJR

    What’s the difference between a picture posted on a public twitter account and a guy hiding in your dressing room?
    Geez. That people are even confused by the difference is a HUGE indicator of where our country is messed up.
    It goes back to accusing women of encouraging their own rapes by wearing provocative clothing, instead of punishing the rapist for committing a violent crime.
    The simple fact is this. If a person is going to be driven over the edge into criminal behavior by a PHOTOGRAPH, they were going to get pushed over the edge by something else soon anyway.
    It’s been said that, at the height of the Mongol hordes, a woman carrying a bar of gold on her head could walk from one end of their dominion to the other, naked, without fear of any violence against her. And that’s 8000 miles.
    We expect and demand that citizens have the ability to control themselves.
    And stop blaming the woman for the criminal acts of the men.

  • Bean

    when you talk about leave something for the imagination thats how you do it. beautiful,sexy,its just so tasteful.and what is the problem with it any way.ummm..wasnt she naked on the cover of sports many people loved it? shes not even naked in this picture and I like this one better then her sports illustrated.more pics like this serena…

  • Chrissie

    What you’re doing is victim blaming. You’re stripping her of her rights as a women to enjoy her body and to be proud of it. She’s stunning and she knows it but that gives no one the right to accuse her of egging on a crime. A women should be able to walk naked down the street without fearing for her safety but men like you others see her as a women who “asks for it”. No one asks for sexual violence, threats, or assault.
    Stalkers, rapist, and other sex offenders care only about power, not sex, but power. We don’t live in the middle East, she doesn’t have to cover up. Maybe you need to go to a sexual threat education class or visit with a sexual assault clinic. So get out of the dark ages.

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - 107.9 The River

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • anonymous

    That photo is not racy at all, it’s beautiful, creative, and artistic.
    People will find a way to complain about anything nowadays.

  • Chris

    Serena Williams does like attention, with her racy designs, and in-your-face attitude. That sort of behavior definitely can attract nut-cases. It’d be almost impossible for her not to have realized this, so I do agree with this blog. As an aside, Chris Chase over on Yahoo apparently has a mirror of this, and comments are disabled so no one can disagree with him. So I came here, to disagree with him. Serena Williams isn’t a victim. Because she chose this environment, her appearance, where she goes, and how she acts. She’s not a normal, average, non-celeb woman. She’s an icon. And she decided to be one. She’d be a victim if she wasn’t known for attracting attention for things other than her athletic ability.

    • carol

      I don’t see anything wrong with it. Hell she’s in her panties and bra. No worse than the Sports Illustrated women laying around on the beach in the sand in a two piece bathing suit, or the Victoria Secret women walking down the run way with wings in panties and a bra, or the Fruit of the Loom women dancing around in their panties and bra. Shall I keep going? Why is it a big deal that Serena Williams is doing it???

      • Johnny

        I agree 100% with you Carol……………………..
        Leave that women alone. could it be jealousy? hatred?…………who knows………..
        Her body looks good, as far as I am concern!!
        Let her do her thing……….I think she’s earned it!!!!!!!! 🙂


  • JOHN


  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter | 101.5 KNUE Country Radio

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Dj Oneway

    Huh? You can barely see anything people. Yall just mad because see got ass and yall don’t. White America needs to wake the f**k up and stop trying to bring down black women. Why don’t yall try and get a hold on crazy ass Lindsay Lohan I rest my case.

  • Jack R

    I think what she did was not fully though through by her. Stalkers are mentally ill and obviously do not think logically. So when you are being stalked by someone with mental issues, such photos/images only adds fuel to the fire. I would bet that everyone above who commented that posting that photo was ok are probably 100% sane. Please keep in mind that the world is full of mentally ill people and being in the public eye increases your chances of having to deal with them.

  • Raphael

    I find that right hand over her nape…my imagination…a bit naughty and inviting!!! Go Girl!!


    This country has always had a problem with black sex, It is something they cannot handle. I work in midtown and I see these white chicks jogging every morning, practically naked, and no one says anything. When these whites chicks pose in magazines and show all their body parts, one is led to believe that the picture is about health, diet … anything but the fact that she is showing her white, camel toe ass in a magazine. Here we are with a beautiful picture of Serena Williams and you are all going crazy. People, if you do not know, know this… You have not seen shit yet!

    • Jol

      Geez. Please don’t confuse the views of this country’s overall white population for those held by this joker of a columnist.

  • qaton

    This woman is a low-class prostitute of a person. So are all those who parade around 90% naked, as “models.” So are all of those who are 80% or more naked on beaches. Just because our culture has become desensitized to anything that resembles modesty, self respect, and proper social conduct doesn’t mean that you are all correct. This is all part of a base, animalistic, brute beast-like culture that will soon be destroyed. Pure Sodom and Gomorrah.

    This woman needs to put her clothes back on and begin acting like a mature human being.

    • Eddie

      seek help your not god what gives you the right to judge someone Check under your own door mat your no better than the person standing beside you that a fact Gaton i not a religous person I dont carry the bible with me everywhare i go I do no that its wrong to judge a human being Iv”e been in public service for 35 years iv”e worked for mult million ares and walked into dumpsters and feed people thay were just trying to surive just like you and me Stay Possitive

  • Chip

    I’m waiting for the sisters to pose in playboy.

  • Bonier

    She is beautiful and this is done with taste. Only those that wish they could be in her shoes are complaining. So, stop hating you weak cowards and give her her credit for once the she has earned.

  • steve

    People are so ignorant anymore. No common sense. Lots of racist comments – truly pathetic.

    NO the writer is not blaming the victim. Simply pointing out if people are stalking you because of your twitter posts, does it make sense to post sexy pictures there? Are you helping yourself? Of course not.

    Do you all that keep say she can do whatever she wants – do you go posting pictures of yourself over the internet – do you think its an intelligent thing to do?

  • sashaconstantine

    Couch you are an idiot. Do you listen to yourself or does verbal diarrhea just tumble out of your mouth naturally. I’m sick of people(mostly men) telling women how they should dress, act or what ever because if they wear the wrong thing they are just asking to be assaulted.
    Who is the criminal here? Let me ask you this Greg, do you have bad thoughts when you see Serena dressed provocatively?
    Maybe it’s you and men like you Greg who are the problem. Get help man because you embarrass me and all the other men who think it’s time women were not treated as the criminal.

  • Eddie

    What is wrong with this photo Not a damm thing Greg were you the one I saw drilling a hole in the mens bathroom stall dont lie now I may have your photo Twett twett

  • Islandista

    I’m fascinated by these lines Mr. Crouch.

    “With women’s tennis a little boring now, sex is selling the sport more than the game is selling itself. Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as gritty as Serena’s. First, she did the video game commercial in thigh highs and black leotard. Next, the bright pink body suit on the practice court. And now this.”

    So you agree that other women’s tennis players are using their sexy image to promote themselves and the sport. BUT! Serena’s pic are ‘grittier’ than that of Kournikova et al.

    What pray tell makes them ‘grittier’ sir? You have listed a set of Serena imagery you find gritty but not identified WHAT makes them grittier than the way, way, WAYYYYY nekidder pics that Kournikova (who never won SHIT and was only known for being sexy) took.

    What is it about Serena’s body and imagery that so disturbs you? I’m not even going to get into the whole ‘blame the victim’ thing you’re doing here since other readers have dealt with that well.

  • Rareandfree

    There is a time to be disgusted and there is a time to celebrate…….As a man, I celebrate this picture and I pray more to come. If a man does not like this picture, He is not a man. If a woman does not like this picture, she is a hater and wish she had a body like SW.

  • con1234

    I think people are just mad because Selena has a slamming body and they do look like her. I don’t think she’s using botox or plastic surgery to look like this, folks. Suck it up! Leave her alone!

  • Serena Williams Tweets Controversial Photo - 106.1 KISS FM

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Nedajah Napier

    Omgosh!!! Its not like she disrespected herself its a frikin avitar is it me or am i tripin everytime a woman of color does what has been done for ever it becomes a great up roar. WAKE UP!! Dont hate the player or the game improve on yours “h8ters”!!!!!!

  • nouu


  • Jared Wetherrington

    Serena was just doing what a lot of female sports stars have done in the past, and with the physique she’s built from all the years of training, she can do just that. I can understand her reasoning for taking the pictured own, but still… And, I am laughing at the guy stalking her. That is just insane! Just wondering where the mentality comes from to do that? Anyway, she is a very sexy girl, and if I could say anything to her, it would be that she should be careful with the type of image putting out there for the public to see. Also, she should stop making the concerted effort to appear sexy. She needn’t do that because she already is, even if that’s only just an image of her. Just worry about topping your sister as the best female tennis player, that’s all she should really be concerned with!

    • SSJ

      She’s an adult – she knows her life and limitations far better than any of us and has the intelligence to make her own choices. Why do people always want to give women – especially women who have shown that they have what it takes to be successful on their own – advice about what they “should” do and how they need to live? She knows what she’s doing and she’s done well so far. More power to her.

  • Serenaizdabomb

    Picture is so hot! The wife is going to reap the benefits of it’s sensuality later tonight!

  • sharon

    Unfortunately people are going to think what they want and everyone has their own opinion. I can see what she is saying about stop being a peeping tom or stalking me. There are worst pictures that we can talk about out there.
    Drama sells and people love gossip so i say get a life.

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - 98.3 The Snake - The Classic Rock Station

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • jackson

    what I see is a dam great body. so what up.

  • Fred

    I like your sexy pictures. Do you have anymore to share ?
    Love ya girl.
    Keep it Going

  • Vanessa

    She looks awesome, beautiful picture.

  • Qdoggstyle

    Lets face it there are lots of hater in the world..BAD enough she’s a sexy black woman with a body that came stop traffic and she can also SNACK THAT ASS IN TENNIS but if she was a WHITE sports star this subject would not even hold water so…U FEEL ME

  • Bonafide716

    Greg Couch. What a joke. A racist insignificant little pecker head wiah an ax to grind. What’s next? Oh I’ll tell you!!! For all you women who’ve ever been harassed, stalked and or raped – it was your fault for dressing like that. NOT! Don’t let this creep get under your skin ladies; he does not speak for all of us guys……Serena, beautiful pic!

  • Mike

    She has to be the best looking gal in sports right now

  • LuvSerena2death

    Im not psyco so I wont do anything crazy like her stocker. But, I would love to ask her to marry me and have all my children……………… I love you Serena.. Did that sound creepy?? Oh well, I do. Shes talented and Extremely Beautiful! Marry Me. I dont want your money at all.

  • Wake up and smell the lingerie

    Dude does the name Michael Sanguinetti mean anything to you? Your line of thinking is antiquated and you should probably back off before you become famous in a way you don’t want to be. You sound like another blame the victim dinosaur. Visually provocative imagery does not give license to criminals. Please get your head out of the sand and join us in the 21st Century.

  • wayne

    geeze louise, ya see more in a bikini, get over it!!!

  • Serena Williams Called ‘Reckless’ After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - HOT 107.9

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • 'Deji

    Silly article. Didn’t check the name before, but only a man can write something this stupid. Its like saying rape victims encourage their rape. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter | Mix 93.1

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • bloccrule

    come on i wanna see more of her but with less on. she is great.

  • Darren Kress

    Baby got back!! Serena is a maching full of lovin.

  • Higzy

    Hot! I’d love to stick it in her pooper.

  • Higzy

    Hot! I’d love to stick it in her brownpipe.

  • Higzy

    Hot! I’d f88k the ass off that.

  • Leon

    I don’t understand how this is at all a “Racy” Picture as some have put it. I mean she’s a beautiful woman, you cannot really see much of anything in the shot other then a small outline of her bra and panties. Hold on, let me do the overdone reaction…


    Ok now that we have that out of the way, I do not believe this to be anything other than a silhouette of a woman. Oooo big deal.

  • Fuck you asswipe

    The person who wrote this article is a complete jackass moron. So let me get this straight Serena should never have a sexy picture of herself ANYWHERE because some crazy psycho stalker is after her? If that were the case then in your mind would it be OK then to stalk a porn star? They have their poo nanner exposed for all to see. Or even Jake Gylanhaal and Anne Hathaway they had crazy sex scenes in love and other drugs. Much worse than the picture of Serena. She shouldn’t live in fear because of a psycho. You are an arrogant ape of a caveman. Fucker.

  • Tresix

    There have been stars who have not displayed themselves in a sexy manner that have been stalked: Michael J. Fox; David Letterman; Theresa Saldana; John Lennon, to name a few. A psycho is a psycho, no matter what their victims are wearing or doing.

  • Jennifer

    Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as gritty as Serena’s.

    Fixed that for you, Greg.

  • Mark2000

    It takes an incredibly stupid idiot to not see the difference between exposing yourself on your own terms on a computer screen (or magazine cover, or TV show) and having a possibly dangerous person looking through your window when you don’t expect it.

    By this logic every woman in a bathing suit on the beach should be stalked. Every woman in Maxim should be stalked. Every woman who ever walked down the street in a mini skit should be stalked.

    It all comes down to “She was asking for it”. If women don’t want to be raped they shouldn’t be so desirable. What are you? The Taliban?

  • Jennifer

    Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as black as Serena’s.

    Fixed that for you, Greg.

  • Geeta

    All I can say is that ” THE GIRL IS BAAD!” Serena, you look real cool and subdued in that pic.

  • marcie

    That was both beautiful and very tasteful. What’s wrong with showing off a feminine, athletic physique. I think some people need to get their heads outta their shoot. She’s a fantastic role model and all that work is paying off! Way to go girl!

  • Carlisle

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact she’s a “black” woman….I have met her in person before….She is actually very shitty in person….Anyway…..I will say she did a very “artistic” picture…The picture itself was done well……What pissed different people off was the fact that after having been stalked she placed this picture up telling people to look….It was a bad idea……..Also,…Pictures don’t make someone stalk you…..Wearing scantly clad outfits don’t make people stalk you…..Stalkers become fixated on people of all colors/races/ages. Just look at John Lennon…unfortunately his stalker murdered him…there have been many celebrities that have been stalked/abused/murdered…So if you ARE being would be best for that person to not do anything to add to the fuel of the stalker their “aware” about AND the one’s that stay hidden until they decide to be known.


    My perspective on this is Serena has somewhat an inferiority complex. She doesn’t really feel that she has much to offer the public but her looks instead of realizing just how BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING she really is and does not need to show her body to get attention ( ALL eyes are ALWAYS on YOU). YES, I can understand the matter of feeling good about your personal sexuality and wanting to get the worlds response in which to verify and validate. But you, Ms. Williams have not yet realized that you can stop selling yourself CHEAP with actions such as this and merely write a small book on how you feel about yourself and your wants for yourself. You would profit more in overall public respect and respect for self. I truly love my SISTER and will always want the best for Serena. Don’t sell yourself short, Love. YOU ARE MORE THAN THAN YOU KNOW

  • Geeta

    She got a real nice ass!

  • Geeta

    I also agree w/Carlisle, sometimes you do have to use some good sense about things. But let’s face it, the girl likes to show-off her body. And she damn well has a great body to show. Just be careful girl.

  • Forgiven

    As beatiful as she is cover or uncovered, What would Jesus say if He was here Father or Husband or Mother?

    What would her daughter or son said? How is she going to explain this photo to her daughter or son in the future

    All the fame, money and power and yet still the need to be lusted after or worshiped thing of this world.

    In Mark 4:12 Jesus said, “That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them”

  •   Serena Williams Under The Heat Again by

    […] “Someone must have gotten to her and suggested something about common sense and hypocrisy,” wrote Greg Couch of The Sporting News. […]

  • el.dar

    I dont care what anyone says, this is beautiful woman and a beautiful photograph ! Ohhh Serena Serena !!!

  • raul

    she looks great in that picture. Not a controversial picture if you ask me.

  • stevi-d

    I think it’s stupid to say that what she is wearing is whats causing her to be stalked. That’s just like saying that rapist has the right to rape just because his victim is wearing sexy cloths. This is a stupid story. A woman has the right to wear whatever she wants.

  • Forgiven

    Prov 6:24-27

    To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman.

    Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.

    For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.

    Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?

  • bob

    I don’t care, panties are without she is hot !!! beyond hot amazing. It is a pleasure just to bask in such beauty.

  • HardOn

    Man…I bet watching her walk from behind resembles two squirrels, under a blanket, fighting for a nut…

  • feistyterrier

    What the big deal?
    It’s a Bra and Panties……I thought that was called a Bikini?

  • Jay

    People with no lives always gotta complain about something. I think it is a beautiful artfully done photo, that is in no way sexually suggestive. It is all in the mind of the viewer, dirty pervert!

  • B

    There are any number of things you can criticize Serena Williams for, but you’re being nothing but a misogynistic asshole for this Greg. I bet you keep wondering why all them wimmiin keep picking on that prince of a guy, Ben Roethlesberger and why wimmin should get Title 9 funds when they throw like girls. Screw you.

  • Doc

    Greg Couch is a self-aggrandizing sanctimonious jerk.

  • Easy Seeker

    This is growing too many whining babies. You brag on our free country, but then you want to take that freedom away. Of all the people who have looked at the picture, how many had their arm twisted to force them to look? The market is flooded with hypocritical do gooders. Get a life! I see nothing wrong with her picture. Showing a slightly racy picture DOES NOT INVITE BEING HASSLED BY STALKERS!

  • James

    They have women on tv all the time in the same and less, why should she be any different, she has a great body, why not be able to show it off, not like she was nude. Grow up people.

  • cjy

    PLEASE! It’s actually a very beautiful shot and it IS artistic. And I agree with all the other posters who say she does not invite nor deserve to be stalked by creeps just because she likes the way she looks, is a sensual woman, and promotes it. And what – because she is a tennis star she should not be sexy and show it as well? That is ridiculous. Had she chosen to be a nun you would have a point.

  • Pone

    Someone Fire This Guy He’s A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he’ll man up if he had a stalker but then again who stalks trash!

  • Sarah Blackstone

    Stalkers stalk women ( usually it’s a woman) because they’re obsessed with them, not because of what they wear. The column is coming from a “women ask for it” point of view. Women ask for mistreatment because they’re too pretty, wear clothes that are shape revealing, wear skimpy clothes, are walking down the street alone, at night, running through the park, etc. It’s a specious argument. Stalkers stalk women of all shapes, sizes and layers of clothing. There are stalkers, believe it or not, in cultures where the women are clothed from top to bottom with faces covered. So the clothing has nothing to do with it.

    Re: her body, her booty, etc. Different strokes for different folks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like Victoria Secret babes, go for it. If you like Serena who is packing, go for that. People, remember, historically rounder, bigger women were the rage. Take a look at a Titian some time.

  • eric

    She has way more risky pics… just google her name once. comon this is stupid

  • Nicole

    She looks beautiful! Its very classy. Its a lot less than what we see in commercials and sitcoms. Get over it!

  • zx10king

    People just want something to talk about shes not nude and it wasnt a trashy pic. Shes just showing the world that shes not going to let some stalker stop her from living

  • Lucius Fieldon

    Who are the “people” that are outraged by the photo of Serena Williams? You see a healthy curvy athetically shaped woman. There is not one real red blooded male and a few women tha find this woman sexy as hell. The only “men” that I believe are “outraged” are “men” that like women that are like teenage boys.

  • Dessa

    This has nothing to do with hypocrisy. This is an awfully victim-blaming article why is it still up!?!

  • Resa

    Obviously, the people who are outraged are those who are not curvy. There are many scantily dresses women in bikini’s (bra’s and panties) plastered over magazines across America. This does not seem to be a problem. I’m guessing that if Ms. Williams was a true blonde, blue eyed, playboy bunny, we wouldn’t even be posting comments right now. GO FIGURE!



  • Geeta

    Her behind is perfectly round.

  • Geeta

    I’d lick her toes too!

  • ObeWann

    Nothing obscene or pornographic here! Fantastic looking woman…black, white or otherwise!

    Serena…you go girl!!!!

  • CathyB

    Greg Couch has offended and concerned me. The tone of his article suggests that a woman who dresses provocatively is asking to be stalked. Calling a person – Ms. Serena Williams a “brand”; he certainly is not professional himself in his assessment of how a woman “should behave”. Please refresh Mr. Couch on Anti-Harassment in a Business Environment and Etiquette regarding Women Colleagues. In my opinion, he owes Ms. Williams and other women victims of stalkers an apology for this article.

  • safeeyah

    wowwww…really? U guys are writing about a photo where u can barely see anything? Do urself a favor and quit ur job. Let real journalist who actually write about something worthwhile (like the crazy weather patterns) do the writing please. Leave her alone u a**holes

  • NYSEXY72


    • Dean

      are you jerking me here? What is going on there is nothing here to protest or get horny about. Lady Gaga wears less. Hey AMERICA GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!

  • HaleyG

    I am disgusted that you would dare even suggest that Serena Williams is even somewhat to blame for the man stalking who was threatening and invading her privacy by stalking her. She chose to have this picture taken and posted it online. That is not true at all in the case of her victimization. In those instances the way her body was exposed was not at all in her control. This is the distinction, and I am outraged that you cannot distinguish between the two.

  • Alpha

    I don’t agree with Greg on this one,but I can try to see where he is coming from and I do in a way.
    She has had stalking incidents recently, and then she puts up this photo, what do we see in this photo beside a beautiful sexy body? we see curtains..a woman looking away not noticing you..we see Voyeur!! we see a Stalker’s point of view!
    so maybe the stalking incidents did inspire whoever suggested this particular pose and photo for her!
    My personal perspective of course is that she has the right to pose and post whatever pics she wants! without worrying or fearing of sick people or twisted minds!

  • john w rosenbeck

    YUM YUM YUM Serena can do no wrong!! Everything about her I LOVE!! Beautiful, sexy, strong, incredible!!! Love Serena!! She has it !! Flaunt Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcnee

    You’re confusing me with someone who gives a shit

  • bobby

    there’s bra and panty pictures all over the ‘net, i don’t see what the big deal is. there’s paparazzi pics of celebs at the beach, in their backyard, at the pool, i honestly don’t see the big deal here. famous people always seem to get away with what they do, and then it takes some idiot to try to exploit them, in that pic, Serena was doing that to herself, obviously with the help of a photographer, so leave her alone and let her do what she wants, if hardass people don’t like it, why the fuck are they looking at it then?

  • Reese

    Have you looked at some of the Fashion Publications of today. If this Is Pornographic, then YOU ARE EITHER REALLY STUPID OR BLIND and we would have something to BITCH about. This is a very Beautiful women and people need to open there eyes and read between the lines. THIS WAS DONE IN A VERY PROFESSIONAL MANNER ! SO WAKE-UP AND SMELL THE ROSES !

  • John

    This is like saying that children wearing shorts are reponsible for provoking pedophiles.
    Stalkers stalk.
    It isn’t about attire.
    And Serena Williams should not have to alter any part of her life to accomodate stalkers.

  • isnrblog

    She is supposded to be a Jehovah’s Witness. They frown on such behavior.

    I think she looks great.

  • Jessica

    Psh, i think shes hott lmao and ive seen worse on P-G movies so who cares? Honestly, go her xD

  • UA

    I don’t know what the big deal is. You see more revealing stuff on national television. Besides, she’s got a big butt and isn’t very good looking. At least wait until you get a hot chick showing her goodies off. Then make a bid deal of it.

  • joel

    i agree with tony grow up thats beauty,great bod serena

  • Will

    If the curtain wasn’t there, you will see a monkey trust me

  • Whatever

    @ millrose11

    Why does everything today have to be racist? It’s not because she’s black you fool. I have to wonder when the human race will actually grow up and realize we are all just people. Skin color is irrelevant. Stupidity however isn’t.

  • hal

    Serena is a very ugly woman(man) why show pics of this bitch

  • Jeri

    You look fantastic. Please put back the avatar. You are beautiful, sexy, and more shapely than 80% of the people griping could ever dream about. Jealousy and racism…..people need a life. Let’s just make sure Victoria secrets gets the same scrutiny….and their on prime time during the “family” holiday season. Imagine that!!!!!!

  • Dean Vollette

    That’s not her. No way does she look that thin in an outfit like that.

  • Ranlo

    She is very sexy and yummy

  • Donnyboy

    Great Serina, you go girl.

  • Ricardo Harris

    Only hypocrites here are the media. Had it been a white tennis players like Kournikova or another of the no butt -starving(skinny) white “celebrities” they would of said it was done in good taste. Just another typical day in the world of the “white” media.

  • Elroy Shelton

    Serena, you’re a very beautiful, intelligent, Tennis Kick Ass, very lovely and very successful woman. Not that you need or should even give a flip about our opinions given our world’s showing of beauty, nudity and in between but, you got it all Sweetie and I like your decisions on not showing it all. I’m proud of you and your family and y’all keep making that money honey. Elroy

  • bb

    So it’s OK to stalk her? gimmie a break.

  • Ricardo Harris

    The idiot blogger who posted this is just mad he can’t hit that yummy ass. On second thought, he most probably likes getting hit himself. It figures.

  • Wendell

    He broke in to her home. What do you think his plans were? To give her roses. Even if she were to put up a naked picture of herself that does not give anyone a right to try to rape her.

  • mizpnut

    I really don’t see what the big deal is about, it more like a sexy figure of a womens body. We see a whole lot worst on television.

  • Jol

    Your reasoning here is very off-base (and the kind of thought pattern used to excuse rapists, for what that’s worth). The reason stalking is wrong is that it is done without the consent of one person involved. It’s not wrong because an undressed man or woman may be viewed. She has the right to live within the limits of the same laws that other adults do without being harassed. Her behavior is not going to lessen the duty of the stalker to follow anti-stalking laws. He’s an adult too, he made poor choices which are entirely his fault, and he deserves the full blame for those choices. If he in incapable of self-control in certain situations, that’s his problem and he’ll have to deal with the consequences – and frankly, he shouldn’t be at large in society.

    If we were talking about a female stalker being arrested sometime before a male celeb released photos of his (almost invisible) 6-pack, would you have written something this sexist and hateful?

  • Herbie Mecher


  • tomD

    poor Serena cannot even get any dik without a bunch o shiet from idiots people are dumb

  • LizzieJ

    So am i to understand that people INVITE stalking? We’re supposed to live our lives walking on eggshells bc we might do something that a stalker might like? I bet you’re the guy who asks “what was she wearing?” when someone is assaulted.

  • nikki39

    Hating in this dam world is so dam common. Don’t hate her because she’s a Beautiful Bold Black Woman and she knows what she’s worth get the hell off her bra and panty straps. It’s not like her ass was parading around town nude. When her ass gets on the front cover of your favorite magazine naked then you talk shit.

  • Tom

    So, what you’re saying is sexy women shouldn’t show pictures of themselves because it might lead to stalking? Who cares if a stalker was arrested for stalking her….that doesn’t mean she has to put on a Burka for chrissakes.

  • Leon

    I still think she Look Like a Man!!
    Must me all the roids.

  • Enrique Lang

    first … the Lady is BEAUTIFUL..2nd if your jelious of her work on it … and 3rd who cares what stupid people think, the pic is in good taste and only shows why me started watching womens tennis ..and me for one would love to see more of her

  • PapaVamp

    These people have GOT to be KIDDING?!?!?! They find this Sexy? Bra and Panties? You see more POOLSIDE with todays Dental-Floss and Band-aid “bikini’s” !
    …and Stalking is WRONG, whether the victim is wearing a 3-piece suit or Nekked.
    SOMEBODY out there needs to GROW THE HELL UP, and it isn’t ME.

  • Jim

    shes a man posing

  • R

    I don’t get it. It’s a gorilla in bra and panties. What’s the big deal?

  • KellyGuy

    I think the picture is great–and she sure has an amazing caboose!

  • CL

    She’s such an attention seeking w&ore..with her stupid revealing tennis outfits etc. and now this—she get what she deserves. Sometimes dumb broads ask for it..

    • kelly

      “she gets what she deserves”?

      if you can tell what my argument was going to be JUST from that quote…please stfu

  • Serena Williams’ controversial Twitter picture: Was it over the line? « Modern Custom Furniture

    […] put up the picture of herself standing in high heels and wearing nothing more than matching undergarments on Thursday afternoon. […]

  • ricardo luna

    women athLetes are way sexy…for some reason there is a group that seems to want to keep it not that way…

  • Knightime

    Simply gorgeous and tastefully well done. Nothing to be ashamed of in this photo~

  • Real Links « Rock And Real Show

    […] Serena Williams looks less like a man behind curtain as silhouette (Greg Couch) […]

  • gravy train

    I guess it’s okay if oversized, flabby-looking glutes are your thing.

  • thetruth

    Greg Couch is a fucking moron. Hope he goes and jumps off a cliff. Serena is hot and posted a very artistic photo of herself, and he blames her? Like I said, the world would be a better place if he just jumped off a cliff. Do the world a favor.

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter | 1240 The Beat - Classic Hip Hop

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - KIXS FM 108

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  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - 98.7 Jack FM

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  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - Q92: Victoria's Best Music Station

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  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - KMHK: The Classic Rock Station

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - KLUB 106.9 The Rock

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Bigfoot

    Me likey Sasquatch Williams. Me likey giant onions, thighs like watermelons, and stomachs with ripples like the mighty Columbia river. But most of all, me likey Sasquatch girls with bad judgement!

  • Serena Williams Sexy Twitter Photo - 92.9 Jack FM - Playing What We Want

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Serena Williams Ignites Controversy After Posting Sexy Photo on Twitter - Rock 102.9 – Colorado’s Classic Rock

    […] called the photo “reckless” in light of news that a man was arrested for stalking Williams just last […]

  • Ken

    Serena is being herself, and I for one like her “style”. Someday God will judge her. The rest of you have to find another job.

  • Barnaby

    Only an American could write that an American player is bigger than game! Hilarious delusional rambling!


    I’m all for modest attire but Greg Couch is being dishonest about this and he knows it. Several years ago a German man stalked Serena all over the world when she was still ONLY wearing MODEST tennis attire. That was loooong before Serena wore her very first “sexy” tennis outfit, the famous black catsuit. So, it appears that what women wear is no excuse for stalkers and other perverts ( though as I’ve already stated modest attire is something I personally prefer). What should be shaming for Greg Couch is that he is well aware of the earlier (German) stalker of Serena and that she had NOT been pictured in “sexy” attire before he began stalking her. Couch also knows that other female tennis players had been stalked as well — including Martin (from Switzerland, NOT Navratilova) and had even gone to court to testify in trials against their scary stalkers. Serena Williams is a human being who deserves better than your evil, Couch. Just shut the hell UP if you can’t do anything but maniacally throw irrelevant fuel on the fire.


    Greg Couch knows full well that a female Eastern European tennis player appeared NAKED on a HORSE in a men’s magazine!! He knows that former #1 Martina Hengis from Switzerland, was stalked after she only wore relatively modest attire. He also knows that Serena Williams herself was stalked YEARS ago by a German man who followed her around the world until he was arrested in New York. And that German stalker began stalking Serena long before she wore any “sexy” attire. Serena had not even worn the famous black catsuit at that time. In short, Greg Couch is the danger here — by evilly and dishonestly trying to even SUGGEST that the victim should be blamed for the sick behavior of others. I believe in wearing modest attire, but we also know that nuns in full habits have been demonically raped by evil sickos! Stop it, Couch. You are treading on dangerous ground. I suppose Couch thinks that hotel maid in her maid’s uniform was too “tempting” for that evil French dolt to “resist” trying to assault!! Long may he rot!!


    Greg Couch is the hypocrite and what’s more he KNOWS it. He is fully aware that both Martina Hingis AND Serena Williams were both stalked YEARS ago when BOTH had only been seen in modest attire. Martina Hingis testafied against her stalker in court. The Ge4rman man who stalked Serena years ago followed her on planes around the world until he was finally caught while having a meltdown in the hotel lobby he’d followed her to. Couch knows it has nothing to do with attire ( though I prefer modest dress). And how does he “know” that Serena is in “bra” and “panties” in the first place. Perhaps she is wearing a bikini. At any rate more skin is shown on beaches all over America. Does Couch think it would be young women’s “fault” if they are stalked by some gawker who saw them on the beach? And for him to evilly claim “innocence” when he demonically used the word, “hypocrite?!?” What does “hypocrisy” have to do with anything ( except where HE is concerned?) Absolutely NOTHING! Stalking someone is ILLEGAL. Wearing a bikini is NOT. Couch needs to apologize and NOW!!

  • Steph

    A woman, or man, should not be stalked, period. It doesn’t have anything to do with what they’re wearing or doing- why don’t you turn down the testosterone and quit blaming the victim, creep.

  • cooper

    She looked awesome and it’s too bad she took it down. It it not a women’s responsibility to prevent stalking, what a ridiculous notion.

  • Slut-shaming Serena

    […] Sports columnist Greg Couch scorned Serena for apparently saying through that photo, “Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.” Well, if that was her message, I’d suggest the word she’d use would not be “peep.” It might be something more like, “Admire me, but don’t stalk me.” Which personally, I think is fair enough. Surely she’s allowed to be sexy without being stalked. Surely she’s allowed to know she has an incredible body, and be proud of it, without being blamed for inciting sexual harassment. […]

  • There’s a scandal in the tennis world | Rebecca Howden

    […] Sports columnist Greg Couch scorned Serena for apparently saying through that photo, “Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.” Well, if that was her message, I’d suggest the word she’d use would not be “peep.” It might be something more like, “Admire me, but don’t stalk me.” Which personally, I think is fair enough. Surely she’s allowed to be sexy without being stalked. Surely she’s allowed to know she has an incredible body, and be proud of it, without being blamed for inciting sexual harassment. […]

  • Anton

    You really can dress with what you like and you will always look beautiful with your perfectly formed sexy-body. Take you sex-lingerie-avatar back for your twitter site because it has nothing to do with porno I would say it is more like an art-photo with some kind of mystery behind it. It is some kind of hidden mystery or even better a shadow in the window? I love the way you look.

  • Amelia

    This is repulsive. Instead of being an actual article this piece of trash has become an illustration of the misogynistic attitudes ingrained into our society. A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body without losing her human rights. Being a sexual being is not consent to having your body become public property for whoever is determined enough to stalk you. Greg Couch is an embarrassment.

    • gregcouch

      Thanks for writing. I agree with you that, as you said “A woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body without losing her human rights.” Well said. The only thing is: Nothing in my column suggests otherwise.

  • Tanya

    This article is just beyond belief. Blame the victim much? Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the photo, the stalker is a criminal, and is violating the privacy of the person being stalked. She can’t win can she? Its her fault for working her butt off her entire life and having an amazing body and being successful in her career, so the poor stalker can’t help it because she *gasp* wears lingerie and took a photo! Oh she definitely had it coming. This is sexist, Neanderthal BS.

  • Finklegruber

    Gee, all you people, listen to what Willian Shatner said:
    ‘GET A LIFE’
    (and I don’t know why Serena and some of you folks out there think her OVERSIZED bum is sexy????)


    Couch should definitely apologize for a myriad of things he insanely written concerning the Williams sisters. He even evilly TRIED to “hint” that Serena Williams’s very real injury might not be “real” at all. That’s the kind of crazy racist white nonsense that makes black people want to SLAP the racist purveyor(s) of it!

    • gregcouch

      She has faked several injuries. With her foot injury, she has given conflicting stories. It is not racist to be wondering what the truth really is. As for her sickness, again you have misread. I have not hinted that it wasn’t real. It’s amazing how many times you have called me racist for things I never said or wrote.

  • tom

    she is beautiful and sexy

  • Serena : Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me « 108 powwows

    […] Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter Pic, in Bra …. […]

  • michelle lilting

    To arrogantly, not to mention EVILLY suggest that you allegedly “know” another human being is “faking” injury or hurt is dangerously irrational. And quite frankly it smacks of a certain very real scenario in the not so distant past. You know the one: Fat, lazy white men sit on porch drinking mint juleps while getting fanned by enslaved people. Fat, lazy white men on porch drinking mint juleps complain about and describe enslaved people working sixteen hour days as “lazy.” Fat, lazy white men on porch drinking mint juleps “suspect” truly ill enslaved people of “faking,” and have them whipped into the fields anyway. Shaking my head. Venus and Serena stand to lose millions when they don’t play tournaments that they can win when they are healthy! What would be the point of staying out if they don’t have to? And I definitely count mourning their sister as necessary “have
    to” away time as well.

  • jacob

    i really like her ass it’s huge,round,and satisfing. If she was my girl i’ll tap dat 2wice a day!

  • dycloft

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  • This Serena Williams picture made that guy too hostile - angelspin | angel navedo's lead in worldwide sports |

    […] in sports reporters blogging out of line, I bring you Greg Couch and his effort to serve up vitriol for Serena Williams and a recent, short-lived Twitter avatar. Her crime? Being sexy and attractive […]

  • This Serena Williams picture made that guy too hostile | angel navedo. journalist. reporter. editor. copywriter. social media. writer for hire. |

    […] in sports reporters blogging out of line, I bring you Greg Couch and his effort to serve up vitriol for Serena Williams and a recent, short-lived Twitter avatar. Her crime? Being sexy and attractive […]

  • Nadal, making a matriarchal bargain by taking his shirt off. | SINMANTYX

    […] think a better question might be – why are male athletes never criticized by Sports [bloggers] and Sociologists for using their sexual capital and women are? Why are female celebrities […]

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