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I can talk tennis all day long, and often do. And yet some of the people I talk to about it might rather I talk about something else.

Or with someone else.

That’s how it is with tennis, right? Sort of an addiction. Sort of a high.

I am a national college football and tennis insider for FoxSports1 TV, and a columnist for FoxSports.com. My passion is tennis. I play a lot, and I’ve been able cover a lot of it for the past few years. Before coming to Fox, I was a national general sports columnist at Sportingnews.com, and AOL Fanhouse. My longest stop was as a sports columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

I’m pretty sure that in 2010, I was the only American sports writer to cover the full two weeks of all four majors, and also to cover each of the U.S. Masters series events. So I’ve seen a lot of tennis, talked with a lot of players, coaches, agents, executives.

I watched from a few rows behind the line judge as Serena rolled that foot onto the baseline for the footfault, a good call, at the 2009 U.S. Open. I sat forever watching a John Isner marathon, leaving for Wimbledon village to watch an England World Cup soccer game at a pub and then returning for hours of Isner, sitting a few feet from his wrecked coach.

I got to see Novak Djokovic and Robin Soderling joke around on a practice court on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon, placing a small wager on a tiebreaker. Djokovic won, and Soderling pulled a bill out of his wallet, crumpled it into his fist and threw it at Djokovic, who unwadded it, kissed it, and told me, “My work is done here.’’
And when Rafael Nadal won the French Open in 2010, I finished my column, walked back out onto the court, and filled an empty tic tac container with the red clay. I’m looking at it right now.

So I love the game. But  I don’t always see it the same way others do. I think too many members of the tennis media don’t show respect for the game. They try to by gushing over all things tennis. But tennis fans like a good argument about their game just as much as football fans like one about theirs. And I think my background as a player and also as a columnist in the tough sports town of Chicago give me a different view, a different approach.

I can be hard on tennis, particularly on the characters in suits running it. Tennis has no less scandal and dirt than any other game. Yet somehow, it seems to be covered up, usually from an incredible web of conflicts of interest.

I promise to always tell the truth as I see it. Of course, I would appreciate it if you’d let me know when I’m wrong. I love sports arguments and hope to be in a few of them with you here.
Personal info: One-handed backhand, serve-and-volleyer.

29 responses to “About/Contact

  • Martin Hoegstrup

    Hi Greg

    Could you please contact me regarding an interview for Danish TV.

    Best regards

    Martin Hoegstrup
    TV 2 Denmark

  • lorie

    Go back to your cave if you believe your own words regarding Serena Williams.

  • andy

    hi i would love u to put pics of me in panties on the web how do i go about it?

  • Chuck Flatbrim

    You are a gay fucking homo.

  • Josh Sargent

    I just read the article about Andy Reid and don’t think you could be more wrong. It’s not up to Reid to let his phenomenally gifted qb take off at times because that’s why he is good. Plus, he got hurt in the pocket so why are you blaming Reid, it was a freak accident?

  • big papi

    what an incompetent moron. Obviously anyone can be a sports “writer” nowadays. Do you even stop and think before you start writing? IMO, it would definitely help if u actually knew something about the sports u currently stammer about.

  • Rocco

    Hey Greg,
    You obviously think the controversial sportswriter thing is your ticket, your niche to notoriety. It’s not new Craig and not working. Wake-up! Smell the roses! The one thing you did accomplish is to show you are baseball illiterate. You are clueless. To undermind the feat and accomplishment of Mariano Rivera. It’s not about the numbers Craig, it’s about his contribution to the success of the franchise. Try another field Craig since baseball is not your thing. Paparazzi would work well for you.It pleasures me to say you’re an iodiot.

  • T

    So Greg;

    Why is it that you are not more deeply entrenched in the Penn State Issue? It would seem to me that you would be all over this one considering your views on integrity in sports.

    Here is the real question that is foremost in the minds of everyone.

    How the hell is it even possible for Papa Joe as some call him to have not known about this?

    I mean really now, how long did they work together, what better than a decade right. This is not something that is easily hidden and it is certainly not a behavior that is condoned.

    I read the grand jury report and there is no way that he could have not known. I mean crap, this guys wife ( if you want to call him a guy) supposedly even called one of those abused kids before the grand jury testimony.

    You don’t get to that level and not have people know things. What is even more, what was his wife thinking in allowing it to happen? In their own house no less.

  • greggy

    Hey greg couchy, I guess the ny Jets plaid “god-awful” for 60 minutes Thursday night. It is funny how you pick on someone for being something. I wonder if Tim Tebow was another race or a different religion, would you still criticize him? Stick to tennis commenting, greggy boy. Your bigotry is not needed here, lib…

  • Stan

    Penn State buying xxx domain names has nothing to do with whats going on there and is not an attempt by them to protect there image. Tens of thousands of companies, universities and other entities are buying their xxx domain name right now.(and for good reason) Perhaps you should educate yourself on the topic before you weave it into your “beat a dead horse” story about Penn State. Yes, lots of men have a lot to answer for, but lets stick to the facts and not the sensationalism. Students arent leaving. They will again have a full freshman class next fall. There are hundreds of thousands of grads and current students who will raise to the occassion and show you what PSU is all about. Perhaps you might mention in one of your doom and gloom stories about how alum have raised 500k for Rainn. (But that wouldnt sell papers would it?)

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Stan! For a writer who likes to think of himself as having the utmost integrity, Couch certainly painted a picture that this is something Penn State did in response to the scandal, when in reality they were purchased in September. But Stan is correct, it just wouldn’t be as exciting a sell if he accurately stated that over 80,000 sites have been purchased by various colleges and universities, and that Penn State purchased 4 of these 80,000+.

  • jared gordon

    Seriously, an AOL email. Shows how out of touch you are as an individual. To say Tim Tebow is the MVP over at least ten other NFL players, including saying Aaron Rodgers is his competition, makes you a complete ginger douchebag. I mean how much dick do suck? Really, it’s embarrassing you are allowed to put this non-sense on the internet for all of the people in this country that are as retarded as you to read. Denver’s defense is winning these games. The only thing Tebow is doing is not turning the ball over. Learn some more about football instead of spending your weekends going ass to ass with your faggot friends while you circle jerk to your Tebow fathead. Please please do the world a favor and stop writing sports columns or just go buy a gun, one bullet and blow your head off. Thx for your time. I hope this wasted as much of your time as it did me in reading that dumbshit douche filled cumlicking sucksack of material you wrote. Thx. DIE.

  • Houston

    LOL….does anyone write anything positive about your writing? But you write for Fox, so I guess that explains that.

    • King

      If there’s a better sport than tenins I can’t think of it. amazing rally.’Football, Jose Mourinho, Lio Messi,Barza, Inter, Tactics, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Free Kick, Bent, that represents the beauty of football, I still freaking love tenins though.

  • Caitlin Whitehurst

    Wow, people have left some rather vitriolic remarks. I had intended to stop by just to thank you for helping me with my report, but I feel I should mention that I enjoy reading your stories, even if I might disagree with some of them.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for your help.

    • Fame Art

      Are you in high school Caitlin? You MUST be if this tool “helped you” with a report. Greggy is simply a copycat joke of a “writer” trying desparately to be edgy in order to get noticed. When you grow up, don’t be like Greg….its an old and tired way to try to make a name for yourself..

  • Brandon

    Stick to Tennis man. Don’t cover basketball or Syracuse again. That had a lot of bias in it and was flat out just terrible. How do you get a job as a sports columnist when there are plenty other people that easily could write something better. I don’t know what college you went to, but I am guessing you were rivals with Syracuse after that article… All my best, but keep your comments and dislike to yourself.

  • Fame Art

    LOL….great to see almost every comment on your own personal blog basically telling you that you are an incompetent moron. What a tool. Looking for your big shot on ESPN by attempting to be “edgy” with ignorant “controversial” writing? Stick to tennis so nobody has to read your drivel again regarding sports and stories you know nothing about.

  • ronin4740 (@ronin4740)

    Hi Greg. Thanks for stepping out of your wheelhouse to comment on Lance Armstrong for FoxSports today. It was a pleasure to read the words dripping with vitrol and hatred for a man who has done more good for the world than you or I will ever do.

    Please stick to commenting on things you know about and can prove, like the number of shoes on a tennis players feet.

  • Joseph Engel

    Dear Greg, I lost a beautiful daughter 27 years ago,at age17, to an inoperable brain toumor. Your story about Manti was beautifulI as I also attended Notre Dame as a young man. Manti and people like you make a difference in our world with the things you do. Keep up your great work, Joe Engel, ND ’61


    You are the worst sports “writer” I’ve ever seen. Holy shit what the fuck kind of drugs are you on bro. You fucking suck at life and it’s no wonder you love tennis because you are a fucking talentless douchebag. Stick to tennis because everything else I’ve read from you makes me lose a little more hope every day.

  • Anthony Rossi

    What a hack! Taking a swipe at Notre Dame brought you more hits / readings / reactions than you’ll get in a decade of writing about tennis. Stick with tennis … a topic you may actually know something about … and that nobody cares about. Its a good place for you.

  • Linda Schiffer

    The DRESSE and MAERE CUPS will be played at Champions Club in Chattanooga, TN this summer. An international competition for tennis players – DEAF TENNIS PLAYERS. What people do not know – or realize – is that many of the great athletes of this country, and others, were/are deaf or hearing impaired.
    Brad Minns is an Olympic Gold Medalist and Dresse Cup winner and is among the organizers/players. He has been trying to get the word out and is not having much luck as the Dresse organization in this country does not have the financial backing that the mainstream tennis tournaments do.
    He would love to have some publicity for this event and for ALL Deaf Tennis events. Please contact him direct and I will be only too happy to forward his info to you privately. If he approves, you can add it to your tennis blog.
    (Yes, Billy Jean King wears hearing aids; Elton John wears them, too and he is a great tennis player for charitable orgs.)

  • Jim Bishop

    What a fool. Jealous that Joe Paterno and Penn State are more popular and successful than you will ever be.

  • kristen

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  • Shantae Wade

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