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How a Tennis Fan Gets a Golf Fan all Uppity: Mention Simple Fact that Golf Isn’t a Sport

Golf makes muscles flex

Tennis and golf both sports?

Tennis fans really should be patient with golfers. I mean, how are golfers supposed to know there’s a difference between sweating from running down a ball and sweating from just standing there in the sun too long. In long pants. While you wait for your in-competition servant to finish cleaning your shoes?

Well, the British Open has started, and it seems like a good time to bring out a recent debate I had with writer Ed Sherman in the book he and Leonard Shapiro wrote called “Golf List Mania!’’ It’s a pretty sharp book, with all sorts of fun lists. Some come from contributors including Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

And me. A few years ago when I was a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, I wrote a few pieces casually mentioning that indisputable fact that golf is not a sport. Every tennis fan knows that. But golfers? They get testy about it, defensive. Little veins pop out of their necks while they hop around in anger.

Oh yeah, they say? Well, if golf isn’t a sport, then how come top athletes, such as Michael Jordan, can’t seem to master it?

You see how irrational they get? What kind of an argument is that? If athletes can’t play it, that actually is evidence that it’s not a sport.

Anyway, Sherman was the golf writer at the Chicago Tribune at the time. He’s at Crain’s Chicago Business now. So while he and Shapiro, golf writer at the Washington Post, were writing this book, they decided to have the debate between tennis fan (me) and golf fan (Sherman).

Keep in mind, I’ve been a golf writer at the Sun-Times, and also at the Savannah News-Press. I’m a member of the golf writers association, as well as the International Tennis Writers Association.

Here are our lists, excerpts straight from the book. Continue reading