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AUSTRALIAN OPEN: Margaret Court, Tim Tebow. New Millenium’s Muhammad Ali?

Margaret Court

Tim Tebow

Maybe Margaret Court and Tim Tebow are the new millennium’s Muhammad Ali.

Let me explain. Now, even the “Happy Slam” in tennis is about to be overrun by political fights and protests. On the eve of the Australian Open, the year’s first major, tennis legend Margaret Court, now a pastor, is in a nasty fight with Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King over gay marriage. Protests are planned for Monday in and around Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne. Gay-rights activists are calling for a change of the stadium’s name.

Tennis might be the one sport that has accepted people’s sexuality, even championed it in some ways. And now this?

Well, yes. In an uncomfortable turn to the mix of politics with fun and games, outspokenness in sports is now coming from the right, not the left. The right-wingers are now the risk-takers, risking public scorn.

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