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Serena Williams Quits Cincy Event, Heads to Roller Coaster, Then Kardashian Wedding

Serena Williams had time on her hands after pulling out of Cincy event with an injury


REPORTING FROM MASON, OHIO – Serena Williams just didn’t want to be here. So just before her match with Sam Stosur Wednesday, she withdrew from the Cincinnati Open with what she called a “bit of an aggravation’’ and “not feeling excellent’’ and “a little swelling’’ in her big toe.


Later, pictures of her emerged on the web sitting in a roller coaster at the amusement park a few blocks from the tennis center. She also said she would likely make it to Kim Kardashian’s wedding Saturday.

“Now that I have time, I probably will,’’ she said. “I hadn’t thought about it, so. . .’’

Williams just didn’t want to be here. Is she hurt? Sure she is. Everyone in tennis is.

But Williams made a commitment to come here, and then showed up for one match – enough to avoid being fined for breaking her commitment – and then stuck it to the tournament, stuck it to the tour, stuck it to the ticket-buying fans.

Her appearance on the roller coaster was sort of a raised middle finger. Continue reading

Widdle Andy Woddick has Another Tantrum. But this one had a Twist

Andy Roddick had another embarrassing tantrum

I don’t dance unless there’s music playing.

That’s what Widdle Andy Woddick said to the chair umpire during his latest itty bitty temper tantrum Monday night in Cincinnati. He had blown the second set, broken his racquet and then, a little later, angrily drilled a ball into the stands.

He didn’t think the chair umpire should have done anything, I guess, much less give him a point penalty, as the rules called for. From there, Roddick fell apart. Time spent on the court during play was sort of the filler for Roddick until he could get on with his main objective, which was to sit down during changeovers and argue some more.

We’ve seen plenty of tantrums from Roddick before. He once spent endless time arguing with a line judge who had said he foot-faulted with his right foot. Actually, it had been his left, as if that mattered.

Roddick is great when he gets ahead. But any speck of trouble, and he falls apart. That’s not new. What is new is this:

Roddick gave up. He stopped running for balls. His comfort wasn’t in winning, but in whining. That was pretty stunning, as he took a 7-6, 4-2 lead over Phillip Kohlschreiber, and then lost 6-7, (7-5), 7-5, 6-1.

He just quit trying. Why? I think it’s starting to hit him that he isn’t going to win another major, that his time as a top tier player has passed, that his career isn’t going to end up the way he expected. Continue reading

Serena Williams Scaring Everyone on Tour Again. (Golf is Jealous)

Serena Williams is dominating again

Serena Williams already has everyone on tour scared to death. Just four tournaments back after a year away with illness and injury, and Williams is already such a strong favorite to win the U.S. Open that it’s hard to think of anyone capable of beating her.

Name one. Petra Kvitova maybe? She is the young player who won Wimbledon. Caroline Wozniacki is quickly disappearing, even though she’s still ranked No. 1. Kim Clijsters’ body is falling apart, and her desire to keep up this comeback is fading. Li Na? Nah.

Think how jealous golf must be now. Williams’ comeback has been so quick and easy, everything that Tiger Woods’ comeback has not been. So the PGA Championship ended Sunday with a playoff between two guys no one had ever heard of. If people tell you today at work that they were watching the PGA Sunday, you are being punk’d.

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With US Open Tirade About to Make News Again, Serena Williams Hits Right Note with Ad

This is good. Serena Williams’ new commercial for Wilson is funny. In fact, I like all these commercials, where Roger Federer or Venus Williams or Serena drags a couch out onto the court and serves as a psychologist for some hacker.

In this case, Serena pokes fun at herself for her threatening f-bomb-laced tirade at a line judge at the 2009 U.S. Open. It has been nearly two years, and you’d think her most embarrassing moment would be gone now, especially after all that has happened with her.

But it’s not gone. When she goes back to the Open in a few weeks, it will be her first time there since her tantrum. That’s going to be a story. That is going to be closure.

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Serena Williams’ Win at Stanford: Just the Starting Line

Serena Williams at Stanford

Serena Williams was always going to win another tournament. That was inevitable. So the news this weekend, when she won the Bank of the West Classic at Stanford, wasn’t that she had won for the first time since Wimbledon in 2010. It was seen as a finish line to her comeback from a year off with illness (blood clots in her lungs) and injury (foot surgery). But it was much more important than that.

It was the starting line.

This tournament was evidence that Williams really did feel some vulnerability, did feel a lack of invincibility.

“I was really disappointed at Wimbledon,’’ she said on ESPN after crushing Maria Sharapova in the quarterfinals. “I put a lot of pressure on myself. That’s a big tournament for me. I decided it’s time to get serious, not only at the slams, but at every other tournament as well.’’

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