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Postcards From Gang Drug Wars. What is Tennis Tour Doing in Acapulco?

My column on AOL Fanhouse
“Back at the Acapulco Princess. The waves are nice & the huevos rancheros are righteous.”

That’s what Bob Bryan, American tennis player and half of the world’s best doubles team, the Bryan Brothers, posted on his Twitter account the other day.

Player Julia Georges tweeted: “What a nice view every morning here in Acapulco,” and posted a beautiful picture of the beach from her balcony.

Gisela Dulko, another player, tweeted a message to the world’s No. 1 player, Caroline Wozniacki: “Caro! Here is great, so nice. . .you should came sometime!”

The world’s tennis players sound like a travel brochure at their tour stop this week. I’m thinking a new slogan for the place could go something like this:

“Acapulco. Fun, sun, beheaded bodies found at the shopping mall.”

We know athletes don’t live in the real world with the rest of us, but this is ridiculous. I can’t even believe the men’s and women’s tennis tours didn’t cancel the event, rather than risk the lives of their players.

The players feel a false sense of security from their usual isolation and disconnect. No matter what kind of protection the Mexican government has promised, they should be scared for their lives.

“Fun day on the court, in the gym, pool, on the waterslide, jet-ski, and in the waves body surfing …” the Bryan Brothers tweeted, “(S)tick a fork in me.”  Continue reading