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Hello ATP? No punishment for David Ferrer for Hitting Ball at Baby? Maybe it was Baby’s Fault

Everyone just assumes that when David Ferrer hit the ball up at the crying baby in Miami, the baby was innocent in the whole thing. Hah! The ATP Tour’s investigation into the incident has uncovered video footage of the baby laughing at Ferrer before the tournament, watching tape and plotting out a way to bug him.

Here’s the video, watch to the end so you can see who the sneaky baby was looking at. So excited about his plan, the kid couldn’t stop from laughing.

OK, maybe not. That would have been perfect on April Fool’s Day.

But exactly what did happen to the ATP on this, anyway? Where is it? No fine, no suspension for a player hitting a ball at a baby?

Two things hit me over the Ferrer incident:

1)   It was a prime example of how the lust for web hits has lead to a new type of sensationalism in the modern media.

2)   Even so, Ferrer should have gotten a fine, and possibly a suspension.

Let’s start with the media. Ferrer served after the baby started crying. When the point was over, and he had lost, he took a ball and lobbed it into the stands in the general direction of the baby.

Are you still there? Because that description of the event is exactly what doesn’t go viral these days. This is what does:


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