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WIMBLEDON: ESPN Brings End to Two Most-Hated Words in Tennis, Matt Lauer. (Just Kidding: Tape Delay)

Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon in last match on NBC

It took years for my friend, Dave, to let me talk to him during Wimbledon. It would have been nice to talk with a tennis nut during what might be the most important time of the sport’s year. But he shut off his phone, turned off his car radio, stayed away from newspapers and TV.

He couldn’t work out because his fingers were in his ears. He covered his eyes.

Hid under a desk.

And waited.

Over 43 years, NBC brought us things such as Breakfast at Wimbledon, Dick Enberg, Bud Collins. But it also turned my friend into a hermit. After years of building his trust, I finally got him to answer his phone. But the greeting wasn’t “Hello’’ so much as “Don’t tell me how the Roddick match is going.’’

Every American tennis fan knows what I’m talking about. It takes a contortionist to be a tennis fan, thanks to the two most-hated words in tennis.

Matt Lauer.

Just kidding: They are “tape delay.’’

ESPN has pushed NBC out of Wimbledon. You won’t have to hide anymore to avoid finding out how matches went, won’t have to wait for NBC to get around to showing matches after the Today show, or after Martha Stewart shows us how turn hydrangeas blue instead of pink. Continue reading