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Williams Sisters in Danger of Being Left out of Olympics? Brace Yourself

From my column on AOL Fanhouse

MELBOURNE, Australia — Serena Williams wins Wimbledon and then the U.S. Open. She is on a roll, dominating tennis again. And then, with the Olympics coming, she says she wishes she could play for the U.S., but is being kept out.

The U.S. picks Melanie Oudin instead.

I’m imagining a future here, a very possible future. A very uncomfortable and explosive future. When you stand there and see two trains on the same track, barreling toward each other, you sort of brace yourself.

Williams, and her sister Venus, are very close to failing to meet requirements to be eligible for the 2012 London Olympics. Those requirements, though, have a lot of gray area and interpretation, and of course an appeals system.

But the rules aren’t based on the right things, anyway.

Oh, this could get ugly. Continue reading