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Serena Williams’ Message: Peep at me, but Don’t Stalk me? Here’s Reckless Twitter Pic, in Bra and Panties, she took down after Half Day

And just like that, Serena Williams’ sex(y) new Twitter avatar is gone. Gone after maybe half a day, with the old picture of her in a tennis outfit back up. Someone must have gotten to her and suggested something about common sense and hypocrisy.

Last week, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking Williams, having gotten too close to her, too many times all over the country, even in her dressing room at Home Shopping Network. On Thursday, she has posted a new avatar on her Twitter page, a photo suggestive of us peeping at her through a lace curtain while she unknowingly looks the other way in white bra and panties.

It’s a sexy photo, she looks great and it’s not pornographic. To be honest, I would actually find it to be somewhat artistic if it weren’t for the serious business of stalking women. What was her message anyway? What was she trying to say? Just this: Look at me.

Instead, what she was saying was this: Peep at me, but don’t stalk me.


Williams has masterfully branded herself, now as a celebrity tennis player and not a tennis playing celebrity. The brand is to sell sex now, with tennis as an afterthought, if that. And the way she does it is to walk right up to the line and push it a little, take half a step over it. Give her credit: No tennis player can get people talking the way she can.

(If she’s still a tennis player).

Women’s tennis has been selling sex for decades. And this avatar — even just the talk of it –and all of Williams’ other sex(y) photos and videos lately will draw more TV viewers to women’s tennis than Francesca Schiavone emotionally kissing the red clay at Roland Garros. With women’s tennis a little boring now, sex is selling the sport more than the game is selling itself.

Still, Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic photos are never quite as gritty as Serena’s. First, she did the video game commercial in thigh highs and black leotard. Next, the bright pink body suit on the practice court. And now this.

I’m guessing Erin Andrews might be uncomfortable with the Twitter avatar, having had a stalker peep at her in her Continue reading