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Gambling Scandal Tests NCAA Backbone. Accuser Still Insists Federer Gave Inside Info

My column on AOL Fanhouse

This is getting harder and harder to sweep under the rug. The NCAA is going to have to see this not just as an inconvenience it can cover up, but instead as an open defiance.

The man who has accused Ted Forstmann, CEO of IMG and one of the most powerful men in sports, of gambling on sports, now says this:

Forstmann continued to bet on college sports even after IMG went into business with the NCAA, purchasing the company that made IMG a giant in college sports licensing and marketing.

Until now, the timing has been the strength of the NCAA’s coverup. Sure, Forstmann might have bet $170,000 on the 2007 NCAA Tournament, and sure he would have done it while negotiating to buy the company that would become IMG College.

But he didn’t actually complete buying that company until a month after placing those bets, as the NCAA has pointed out.

Everyone knows the NCAA’s stance on the ills of sports gambling. Forstmann knows, but he doesn’t seem to feel bound by normal-people rules. If he did continue to bet on college sports, then that would be an intentional shot at the NCAA.

Of course, Forstmann means big bucks to the NCAA. So this will be a test of the NCAA’s backbone and honesty.

Forstmann and his people have said that he stopped his years-long pattern of betting on college sports with the purchase of IMG College.

“The idea that he quit betting on college sports after the 2007 Final Four is outrageous,” said Jim Agate, the man whose accusations against Forstmann have increasingly proved to be true.

Agate talked to me Wednesday for his first published interview since Agate Printing, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Forstmann.

“He bet $3,000 on LSU in the opening (football) game in 2007. He bet on LSU every (deleted) time they played because his old girlfriend, or whatever, went there.

“They played Mississippi State in that game. He won that bet.”

Agate said Forstmann also won the next week, betting on LSU over Virginia Tech. LSU won those games 45-0 and 48-7, in late August and early September. IMG had purchased the licensing company in May. Continue reading